A cable solution to connect IBM serveRAID M1015 to 4 SATA drives

I am running an IBM X3550 M3 7944, and I want to add some 3,5" drives to it with their own PSU and enclosure.
And if it is not available locally, shipping to Finland from within the EU/European Economic Area is must
Here comes the issue, I need a cable length of 1 meter to do that
And every cable I have been able to find, has not really seemed really calling.
I have some options locally, verkkokauppa.com and Jimm’s
Both of them have one cable like this availlable, made by delock
It’s quality does not appear impressive based on the pictures

What do you think, can you find any good options?

I don’t think for SATA connection it is much of an issue. PCIe 4 over cable is much more problematic.
I use a cable from intertech without a problem, though only 0.5 meter. This one Cable SFF-8643 to 4x SFF-8482/S-ATA Power - Inter-Tech GmbH. It support both SAS and SATA disks.
I just picked the first cable my local online shop presented.

I see they also have have a 1m SATA cable.

there also seems to be another one. It says crossed connection for backplane → disk.

Kippis :slight_smile:

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Hmm, allright
The option from verkkokauppa.com, sold also by jimms.fi, claims to support both SAS and SATA.
But realisticly speaking, most likely not going to use SAS, since the price difference for the featureset difference, apart from a larger bus, is pretty insane for my use case.

Be aware at there are two variants of cables, forward (this is what you want) and non forward.


Yeah, I saw an listing, with an explination about an reversted cable (from a sata controller port to a SFF8087 port on a backplain, etc)
Thanks for the tip however, I appriciate that you sent your message, since I did not mention I had that knowledge. Better info than be sorry :joy:

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