A build question

I am stuck between these 2 options. 

1: FX 4300 with a Radeon HD 7850

2: Intel Core i5 3570k with a Radeon HD 6870 (I already have this card, but if buy the i5 I wont have enough for gpu) 


please give me your suggestions, Will the 4300 bottleneck the 7850? I will be using this PC mainly for gaiming and some video editiong, and everyday stuff of course.


Go with the Intel CPU, the GPU difference for that upgrade isn't huge and the 3570k has much better performance in video editing and daily tasks.

If you were buying it outright, I'd suggest the first one (well, I'd suggest you beg and extra $10 off someone and get the FX6300), but if you already own a HD 6870 it would probably be a better idea to grab an i5 chip unless you have someon readily available to purchase your HD 6870 off of you for a good price.

Grab the i5 and stick with it and use the 6870. 6870 is still really good. You can always upgrade the GPU later

I'd say spend the extra $10 and get the FX6300 and the 7850.