A build I've been planning for a while. ANY criticism is welcome!



If you guys have any suggestions, let me know.

The link does not work.

Look like you are building a PC, primarily for PC gaming, not so much rendering/streaming, correct? If I were you, I would bring the PSU down to 600 or 650, then take that remaining money and bump your ram up to 1866. Cause you got a lot of extra power there and you could use it for more/better frequency RAM, also an SSD for your games, but other than that I think you've got a really sexy machine ready to be assembled there.

Yep, mostly gaming.  I'll occasionally be rendering stuff, but not too often.  Thanks for your help!



How's this look?  I'm gonna grab an SSD later on, but other than that, does it look pretty good?

Looks fine. However, at that price point, I would still lean towards AMD, you could get a superior heatsink and motherboard with an AMD build, and overclock the shit out of your CPU.