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A bit toasty

I have:
Low profile Noctua cooler
B450 asrock Board
AMD 5600 (blower cooler)
650 watt Sfx PSU
Phanteks evolv shift
Pop OS

In the Bios cpu temps read at 60 C. Seems a bit toasty. The case comes with 1 140mm fan set as exhaust. Thinking about getting 2 more 140mm fans as the case supports them. I used the No run thermal compound, maybe I applied too much? Or maybe I need to use better stuff?

Also looking for utilities that can measure temps as well as stress the system for stability testing.

IIRC in BIOS, the CPU runs at max voltage and clock, basically a full load scenario. 60°C under full load is okay in my mind.

Is it the NH-L12S? I have that on my 2600 where it sits in relatively slow left to right airflow. It maxes out at arround 60°C while crunching handbrake stuff.


Have you used the stuff included by Noctua? That stuff is not bad.
If you want to swap thermalpaste (this may only result in 2°C difference, if any), there is Arctic MX-4

CPU-Z has a stresser option
Furmark includes a CPU Burner

For temperature (and everything) readout, use HWinfo (run it in “sensors only”-mode)
The value you are interested in is “Tdie”

Yes I think it’s that Noctua cooler. Good to know about the Bios. That will be a no in Linux support for CPUZ. I refuse to use Windows 10 until Microsoft stops fucking up machines with every update. I’ve had nothing but issues since it’s release. I use POP OS on my main machine.

Missed that while glancing over your parts list in the OP. My bad.

This should do for sensor reading:

Thanks. I’ll install that when I get home. I’ll install handbreak to stress out the cpu.

If the fan is exhausting, and the PSU is exhausting, AND the GPU is exhausting then there would likely need to be air ducted towards the CPU to help keep it cool. Particularly if the GPU is eating it up first. Have you tried taking the side panel off? You could also monitor GPU and mobo temps to see if there is a difference with the side panel removed. No change would indicate an issue with the CPU cooler fan or mounting.

Which is why I’m looking at buying 2 140mm fans for intake. Because there are no intake air flow. The PSU pulls air from outside the case and blows it outside the case. So that doesn’t impact the temp much I would assume.

Also not sure if your familiar with the Evolve Shift, but it’s not that easy to take the side panels off. There are two tempered glass panels and two other panels where there are vents. Air flow in this case is known to be restrictive.

Ok… So looking at my motherboard I have 3 fan connectors. 1 is for the CPU and the other 2 are for case fans. Can I split one of those connectors? I only ask because I was just going to buy 2 more fans from Phanteks and fill this case up with the max amount of Fans it can have. Should be able to get a bit better air flow.

I would generally say its okay since most fans wont exceed a high current but it would be best to double check your current draw of the fans you are using and double check the current limit of the fan headers.

For the B450 Gaming ITX for example, ASRock specifies:

24W comes out to about 15 (14 with safety margin) Noctua NF-A14 PWM per header, so go ahead and build a hovercraft!


Hopefully it doesnt hover too high. LOL.

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