A bit of the off topic: Relevant to L1T Black Mirror episode

I’m very sorry if I’m making this post in the wrong place but I didn’t find a place called “off topic” or something. This is the closest it gets :slight_smile: …even created an account to post it.

Maybe some of you heard about this brave TV show series called “Black mirror”.
It’s a sort of collection of a over exaggerated reality interpretations “…in the near future”.
Episodes are not connected, some closer to reality, some very abstract.

If you didn’t check it out, i’m sure you should.

Anyway, to the point S03E06 - that’s exactly what L1T is talking about all the time.
Do not want to spoil it (besides the thread this topic is in), just watch it.

The episode is called "Hated in the Nation"

Pass it on to the hosts, I’m sure this fairy tale would be interesting.
Probably, not from the technical point of view, but as ‘learning book’.

P.S. Keep up the good work people!