A bit o' help on a build

So i've been googling around for benchmarks of the 8350 vs the 3570k / 3770k for my next build. I've been seeing a lot of biased reviews without proper benchmarking scales / graphs / comparisons. Does anyone have an unbiased, maybe even personal, review or opinion on the 8350? 

Currently this is the build I have set up. I've already purchased the case and the cpu cooler, an extra fractal design 140mm fans (3 extra) and the drives (ssd and hdd) 

LINK: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/t354

This looks like a well thought out system that will be very nice. I am fairly sure that the 8350 is slightly better than the i5 3570k and can overclock like a beast. I would spend a little more on a corsair watercooling system so that you do have that overclockability. the only other thing is to get a 120gb ssd and a 1tb hdd instead of two 60gb ssd's and two 500gb hdds, you can always partition them if you realy want, the larger drives will also most likely a bit faster. I would buy a 120 gb hyperx 3k ssd from kingston and  a 1tb western digital green drive. if you want the two hard drives for backup howerver, go for it.

I had an idea with those drives, just to raid the ssd's together, and the hdd's together to get the performance. raid 0 ssd...amazing read/write. Also, take a gander at the link below. I did some research on the h100, h100i and some comparable air coolers. The noctua dh14 is the best performing air cooler, and is much quieter, though that's not the one I chose, as i went for the thermalright. I also really like big heatsinks...don't ask lol. But, as you can see in that benchmark, there is only a 5c difference...honestly not that bad AT ALL. Also, there are people that have been getting 5ghz on air all over overclock.net


Why 4x4GB and not just 2x8GB with room to upgrade to 4x8GB in the future?

Props for mech keyboard and G600 mouse.  Love the IPS monitor choice, too.

Too bad you already bought the SSDs,  I would have changed the SSDs to either Samsung 830 (budget) or OCZ Vector (bling) depending on your budget.

I'm sure the reason for getting two HDD and SSD is for raid.

Yes sir, the ssds are for raid. A-data was a personal choice, maybe not a smart one. edit: I just checked newegg and I can cancel my order right now, so i'm going to so that I can get some more advice from you all. I'm just going to get the case and fans. Also, I will change that memory too. I didn't read the description, that it was 4x4gb. Also, take a look at this: 

Thermalright Silver Arrow Extreme CPU Cooler

Thermalright Silver Arrow and Intel I7 970 5ghz this is awesome as hell, it makes me feel much more comfortable with air cooling. If I were to watercool, i'd go with a custom loop. (In reply to hiyayhi

Little bit tweaked build. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/t3wh