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A better social network?


I’d be interested is your idea, as i hate what fb is and i did leave it but had to rejoin due the lack of other information about business other than them using fb.


Yes, Yes, Yes!

I don’t care who you voted for in 2016, but both the red team and blue team ads were equally annoying to me.

Interesting. I wonder if they’re going to make their own crypto. It seems like the logical step:

  1. ban crypto ads
  2. create your own crypto
  3. ???
  4. profit

Now that I think about it, that could be a problem that the SEC might be interested in.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say this, but I do disagree with a lot of their monitoring and tracking and analytics practices.

Honestly, this is the truth. That said, I prefer IRC because I’m not a product on freenode.

From the public, yes, from the company itself, no. IRC is literally plaintext. Anyone can read it on both ends, in transit or at rest. At least facebook uses SSL to encrypt your messenger messages. (that said, it doesn’t protect you from having your data snarfed up by the CIA across the street)

Same. I use Reddit occasionally, when I’m in a masochistic mood, but it’s pretty much just this.

Take the 4chan model.

Ban the IP.

Or just let it happen. People seem to love 4chan, so allow the site to turn into a cesspool of hate and degeneracy.


“If there were a new social media platform created that gave you complete control over your data on the platform, didn’t have intrusive advertisements, and had no tracking abilities (you should see some of the webrtc shit on facebook’s website btw… scary stuff) is that something people would want even if they had to sign up using their drivers license?”

I don’t have a driver’s license so I wish there would be another way to sign up but yeah I would use this platform. Thing is though I would hope to still see companies presence on there as I like winning giveaways and that is part of the reason I am still on social media.


How do you cover costs?


Do you have a state id? (maybe we could also add in support for verifying uni students or something.) idk




This could be the kind of thing a company like Amazon could include in their Prime service.


The average user doesn’t want to pay for a service that they can get for free. The average user not only can’t be bothered looking for an ad blocker, but also actively subscribes to agencies that produce ad content for the sole purpose of selling products. Such as Yummy.


What exactly?


I think that you (may) be able to overcome. if you make it some browser plugin (or otherwise standalone program). What google can’t automatically identify as “is your site”. They can’t really automatically downrank because of that. Wether or not they would manually step in and do it regardless is another thing.

Idk, I’m thinking like install some bitcoin miner in place of buying a subscription to pay for no-ads on that specific social media site. If you really wanna do that. That might be a bit generous giving the bitcoin goes down the drain - trend. And it being pretty much guaranteed far worse than a single mining box would be.

Or a better idea imo would be if what you paid your subscription with wasn 't actually $ or €, but “very great new fancy social media site”-gold coins. And by miing you get gold and with gold you buy the subscription (or whatever really, merch?) and with $ or € you buy gold.

You could also gain gold by doing things that you qualify as beneficial to the site. Whatever that may be. No idea. Didn’t think that far, yet. One thing that would come to mind is inviting a friend to join the site.

You could call it $ or €. Really, the point is to be able to gain currency that can’t leave the system. You either spend it on the site or you’re stuck with it forever.


Fun you mention that, that will be something we add for user reports that result in meaningful action against the content reported.

Example: User reports some content that breaks a rule. The user would be rewarded with premium feature time.


So you will incentivize reporting of content creators? So anyone that disagrees with someone else is now incentivized on your platform to eradicate those individuals. Sounds like every other “Social Media Platform”


You could always do the oposite as well. Punishement. For being a major brat spamming the report button on random people and wasting everybodies time.
Does not sound nice. But its not that far fetched.

For the most part the rules itself should dictate whats unwanted behaviour. You could add more on top of that by being part of a group or cummunity within the network. Having their own rules on top enforced by their self elected admins on top of whats universally there. So you can also be happy as one who is offended by everything (maybe^^).


Sorry, I’ll explain this better.

Disagreements happen. Reporting something because you don’t agree with it won’t result in a reward.

We’re incentivizing correct reporting and penalizing incorrect reporting. Reporting workflows go through automation and through human checking as well.

Does that help?


Ok, I can agree with that. However, now your costs go up by having to hire quite a moderation team.

I guess my real problem with this business model comes down to the fact that you are still incentivizing this behavior to some degree. If someone is truly bothered by another persons comments, it shouldn’t result in them be rewarded by anything other than the ability to report them and their satisfaction if it’s found to be offensive enough to remove another persons posts. I’d be more inclined to see a limit on this type of reporting much like challenges in NFL games(I know it’s a weird analogy).

Basically, if they are limited to the amount of reports that they can issue based on something like stature or standing in the community. This would discourage frivolous reporting and promote honest reports of offensive posts.


Yes, the plan is to work with content creators to see some of the issues they have faced and to see how we may be able to do it better.


Haven’t heard of them.

The average user doesn’t want to pay for a service that they can get for free.

Facebook is free from a monetary perspective. But not from a privacy perspective.


A premium social media platform.


I’d say that the biggest problem will be how to monetize the site without it being intrusive or crap like facebook.

I’d suggest that there may be a market for a social network that is a subscription fee based affair to eliminate ads.

The problem with competing with something like facebook though is that facebook isn’t just a social network these days. It’s an authentication source, a data mine, an advertisers wet dream, etc.


Average user doesn’t care. Whilst i’m all for paying for a service, the majority aren’t, and plenty do not care or do not think about the privacy concerns (the old “i have nothing to hide” without thinking about it).

I think diaspora is onto something.

Basically host your own shit, but somehow link your pod(s) up in a searchable distributed fashion. This way, you aren’t left holding the bag for content hosting as the social network provider and can cut costs way down.

have you tried diaspora? I’m toying with setting up a pod for myself to test it out at the moment.