A bet with my teacher

I hate to fill up the feed with more build threads but here it goes.

So my home room teacher over heard me talking to two freinds about pc gaming vs console gaming and chimed in with "Yeah I would love to start pc gaming but on a teachers pay there is no possablility of that happening any time soon seeing as how you need $2000 for anything decent so I will just stick with my xbox" and I corrected him and told him I could put together a parts list that could run most new games on max/high for under $450, he said he didn't belive me and if I could he might consider buying it.

I came up with this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pHTp

Good enough?

looks good to me.

everything looks good, other then the deathstar.

wasn't sure if that was the deathstar you refered to before. 

Teach the teacher. Show them we actually know shit. 

Yeah, this is as good as it's gonna get. 

Other than the new Batman movie I just watched, this made my day.

Design your own OS and school him at battletoads, you can only come out the victor on this

I wouldn't go for a 6670, just because of two things; It's only got 1GB of VRAM, and It's an older card. 1GB won't run Borderlands with any type of phyics, especially during the boss battles (My 660ti 2GB (BL2 was free with this card, mind you) would cap after an hour or so of play, with PhysX turned up to high (I refused to play it on any other setting), and that's with streaming graphics. Secondly, that card is rather old, and I doubt it can run Crysis on high (I'm too lazy to check, though), and maybe some other demanding games, such as Metro 2033, and the like. Try finding a 7xxx card, and strip away some of the less useful componants, such as the 1TB HDD, I doubt he'll have room for 1TB worth of games.

I think PhysX is just marketing BS anyways. And he picked the 6670 to do Hybrid Xfire with the APU.

I don't think he was planning to max out graphically intensive games with this build anyway, just any setting that would give him playable FPS.

The price difference between 1TB and below drives are so low right now, it's a no brainer to buy more, unless that few extra bucks could buy you other, better parts. Doubt it

The idea is that you crossfire the 6670 with the on board gfx but the only bench marks i have seen suggest that a lot of games dont benifit from the crossfire and get results similar to a 6670 on its own. And when it does use the crossfire it looks like a 7770 would still beat it.



Because of that i suggest a G645 and a HD 7770. Obviously the cpu isnt as good but should handle most modern games like bf3.