A baudy Linux Hack: Hayes Modem modded to Linux Desktop (and modem time machine). | Level One Techs

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I recognized the number of NMProd in the beginning of the video... yeah...

Edit: in that cool Bonsai in the background, there is either a sacrilegious water level indicator, or, more probably, there is a bouncing betty hidden in there lol

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The blissful shrill tones always remind me of my early gaming days on dial-up . . . on a Macintosh :(

Back in those days, Mac was way too expensive for my blood lol. I had a friend who had suped up his Mac to a whopping 8 MB of RAM, that was the cost of a premium midrange car back then.

Also, with the dawn of the modern Internet, everything has become so flat and dull, back then on those BBS's there were serious flaming wars going on, nobody was spared, it was a hell of a ride, it felt like freedom...

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Yeah at this time the family computer was something similar to a Macintosh LC 500. Not sure why my dad chose Mac. He's usually quite budget conscious and 'resourceful' for lack of a better term :D

The first "BBS Pizza Party" (this was after a year maybe two of me hanging out on the bbs, generally being a smartass, etc) was loads of fun because I was the youngest person there. by a decade or so. lol

my mom thought it was so weird for a twelve year old to hang out with twenty somethings hahaha

I had such a blast. They were like "HOW OLD ARE YOU? WAIT. I DONT WANT TO KOW" lol


I think Wendell held his own :) Preserving of history .

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Where is the Lunduke video? All I see is one from two weeks, and another from a month ago. Am I missing something?

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I wish I still had all of my MOD files.

That and who remembers those cool "demo" animations written in assembly for competitions?

Agreed. This is still pretty new, so hopefully he'll have his out by tomorrow. Otherwise, he might have points taken off for not turning it in on time.

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"@Lunduke" a wild @wendell has appeared on our flank! Bahahaha

oh this takes me back.. The Forgotten Realms Board and the Headboard in Yarmouth NS. so many memories..

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I'm not old enough to have experienced any of this, other than the modem sounds. However, being interested in history, I think it is an awesome project. Stuff like this, and the people dedicated to archiving, will not only help you guys experience your fond memories again, it will also teach the rest of us a bit about the past and how much has happened in such a short amount of time, which we might take for granted.

On a side note: Has any of you been to the retro gaming museums, or retro computing museums in the UK? I am frequently visiting London, but most of them are located elsewhere, if i were to take a day trip north, where can you recommend me going?

I was like 10-11 or something and had applied for a BBS permit, which was a thing back then, you would receive an immatriculation (and probably, because the Chaos Computer Club repression was still very fresh then, you immediately were put on the list of dangerous terrorists lol), and then could access BBS's through the "official" state BBS. So I had to provide credentials, and had to arrange them by stalking university professors and such. It was wild. I had actually learned myself English because that was a thing lol. I could only get my hands on old deprecated hardware, but at least I controlled every single bit of that 4.77 MHz XT. My parents didn't know any English, but they thought it was all very serious because you had to get a letter from a university professor to get in, and they were probably proud... if they only had known what was going on on those BBS's lol, but in between all the flaming and the nonsense, it was such a high pressure infusion of knowledge and the first ever absolute bridge between cultures, because it didn't reprise the different cultures of the people involved, but created an entirely new culture in a matter of months. I was never excluded because of my young age, not once, I wasn't spared in the flame wars either lol, it was an incredible experience, it was open because the content was open, even though the system was very limiting. Now there's all these graphical high bandwidth communication systems like Snapchat and stuff (don't ask me, I don't even want to know lol), but it's incredibly limiting, limited and there is no transfer of knowledge and no real social interaction, there is no content.

Those days were beautiful, because the digital industry wanted to create things that could be used for the good of humanity. You were not endangered by the lack of anonymity because the digital industry was still going somewhere, people didn't want to sell you, they wanted to sell real innovative products. There are so many instances these days where I get confronted with how meretricious the digital industry has become, going nowhere, not focused on content or creativity. It actually drove me out of the core digital industry for years because I really couldn't watch it happen. Still now, I can't get rid of the impression that a few KB of digital communication before 1995 had more useful content and added value in them than 1 GB nowadays.


God, that poll is getting slaughtered.

Yeah I feel sorry for Bryan tbh, he's getting ripped to pieces.

Well I for one enjoyed the nostalgia, so thanks. I was a BBS user for many years.

he is bribing people to vote for him now. kek

Guess i need to sign into twitter now /s?


I love the irony in the light of the aforementioned meretricious nature of the digital industry. Bryan Lunduke really masters irony and sarcasm like a Jedi Master or a junior high history teacher, whatever analogy one prefers lol


Ah, the ol' bribe em with an Nvidia Shill'd trick.

Can't bribe me Bryan. I've already got one that I don't use. Lol

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