A 3840x2160 4k 120hz monitor Zizworks Discussion

Zisworks are probably some of the only 4k @ 120 hz monitors atm
What are you guys thoughts on these products? Would you buy them?
Zisworks a guy that makes his own monitors. You will have to get an assembly kit if you are trying to build the 38" 4k 120hz one. And he isn’t selling the panels for the 38" one, you would have to source it from another location.

ZisWorks: http://www.zisworks.com/shop.html

LinusTechTips has covered this guys 28" monitor. But there were a few bumpy patches, that have been smoothed out.

This is what zisworks commented on ltt vid

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Huiying Li
2 months ago
ZisWorks here. I’d like to have this comment at the top. There are some errors in this video.

The x28 display and x28 kits are available for preorder now at the ziswork shop. Expected ship date is early October. Parts are covered by a 1 year warranty.

LTT got a prototype unit with handsoldered boards and a rudimentary mounting plate, not the final version. Check out the x28 on the zisworks site for a render of the new housing which fully encloses the rear of the unit.

As seen by the vibrated-loose screws, the package was strongly vibrated, damaging one of the internal LVDS cables in transit. I want to make clear that the glitches shown in 4k120 mode are not normal behavior at all. Luckily, the damaged cable was on the secondary input, so it only appeared to glitch the right hand side of the display and only during dual-input mode. The LTT unit needs to have that cable replaced.

It has nothing to do with the “unstable” written on the board. That note was from January or something, has been fixed and tested.

The “handwritten user guide” is a thank-you note, not documentation. Pause the video to read it. Documentation can be found in the downloads section of the zisworks site.

Lastly, the video is not using any kind of interlacing tricks. There was a firmware bug where the first line of each group was undriven, causing a horizontal white line to appear on the display every four lines when in 540p mode. This bug has been fixed.

I’ve got my own video demoing the 39" version in a bit more depth, look on youtube for “ZisWorks X39 display demonstration” to find it.

For more in-depth testing, please check out the blurbusters review, first part is named “4k-120hz-with-bonus-240hz-and-480hz-modes”

For questions and answers, please look at my AskMeAnything on reddit, link can be found in the zisworks blog section.

Had to remove all links and post from an alternate account, main one got flagged for spamming links here :confused:


I also found a few vids by zisworks showing off the monitors, no screen taring due to 2 dp 1.4 cables in this one.

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Hm… idk.

On the one hand it seems interesting, but… since it’s not significantly cheaper then a pre-built monitor I don’t really see the point. Also you have no warranty on anything whatsoever. If anything breaks, you buy again.

Why not just get a regular monitor :thinking:

The benefit is, its running at 3840 x 2160 @ 120hz.

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I kinda read over that then, my bad.

Still the issue with warranty, kind of a bummer.

4k 120 sounds great but I honestly don’t need that kind of resolution for games. I am running (well, not right now) 144Hz 1920x1080 on 24" and I’m ok with that. 27" is probably the sweet spot, 1440p might come with that. But 4K only makes sense on 40"+ displays for me. I feel that is too big for a normal desk (for games!). You wouldn’t have everything in sight at once.

Yeah for me that’s something for couch-games.

Exactly. And at that point I can not tell the resolution difference anymore.

What panel is the 39" ?

i’m interested.

I believe the panel is the V390DK1-LS1 LCD.

But If your really interested I recommend talking to zisworks.

I game and do productivity work on a 1080p monitor. This would be an awesome upgrade.

Its an interesting idea to sell the controller scheme and let people put it on their own monitor, but I just wonder what the price difference will be when the out-of-the-box solutions start appearing on shelves. Both Asus and Acer have demo’d 144hz 4k monitors, but neither are expected till next year. I expect the Zizworks solution to be cheaper than the Asus and Acer offerings, but I wonder what the price gap will be.

Unless you have 2 1080tis in sli and run your games at medium quality, I fail to see how you will get the full benefit of this screen.

And the PPI would be kind of a bother too.

You would be much better served with a 1440p screen at 120hz with something like gsync ULMB.