A $20,.000.00 twenty thousand dollar phone

Oh yeah! I remember seeing this the other day. It's kind of cool, the encryption bit is basically WhatsApp though.

Anyone want to send me 20k?

If you would spend $20K on this you are the type that needs a good killing.


What kind of killing are we talking? If we are talking about death by "snuu snuu" from large amazonian women (reference to that episode of Futurama), then I am buying 20 of them, in 12 seconds.

Although in retrospect it will take more than 12 seconds since I would have to sell my kidneys...


I don't see the point in owning a device like that. If someone can spend that much money I guess cares about looks also and that thing looks awful in my opinion. Also if you need secure communication you don't spend 20K on a phone but probably you have someone that helps you manage it.
I'll never understand the luxury market.

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If i had 20k to spend on a phone then i would buy a vertu. Their phones actually look good and you get your real personal assistant.

They could sell more if they lowered the price.

I wonder how many they sold at that 20k price. And also how much a used one is. 🤔🤔🤔

Hmmmm, so security is handled over the internet by a 3rd party..... Seems that could be abused, I rather have a phone that costs 20k and has a NANO battery in it (because they cost shit loads by themselves LOL)

I feel nothing