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9980xe/10980xe worth it in late 2021 or wait?

So ive found out im able to sell my Titan Xp (that i dont use anymore) for 400 to a local second handstore near me and they are Selling a 9980Xe for 330 and a 10980xe for 400 and im just curious if that its worth getting one in 2021 for gaming/vms and just day to day work to upgrade from my 9940x, Although im on a super low end x299 raider board so i guess id have some issues using these cpus underload?

Also i was watching a LTT video the other day and heard them mention x699 or something is a new HEDT platform coming or is it just speculation? since if there is i may just try hold off and see for the future what do you think?

alder lake is so much faster for not a lot more $ I’d be trying to sell the 9940 to the same people?

the z690 boards are $$$$ tho. the 12700k is not a lot different than the 12900k and the 12700k will blow the doors off the 9940x

so if you can swap/trade or close to it, do it while you can. I’d expect 3rd (and 5th gen for those people that upgrade constantly) ryzen to flood the market along with 10/11th gen

if you have 10th/11th gen intel or 3rd/5th gen ryzen no huge reason to upgrade unless you want to but those older platforrms feel real real old now

even that monster 3175x just feels suuuuper old now

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I do have a 10900 non K that im using as my openBSD test machine and i guess i could actually make that my daily driver for the meantime while i sell the 9940 for 220 to them + the Xp for 400 and i should be able to get a 12900k for ‘free’ with the money from the sold parts, i guess the 12900k should be fine since i only really run a windows VM for games/VR, i may take a look into LGA1700.

I’m not sure I’d spend 400 on it, but it’s still going to be good. Not many people have done gaming benchmarks with that CPU, which I understand but is a shame, but I would assume it would perform similarly to a 3950X but with more IO and two more cores.

Again, I wish people would do gaming benchmarks with HEDT parts not because I expect anyone to buy them new for this purpose, but they make good second hand CPUs as is your case.

Yeah, I dont really need HEDT since i do all of my uni studies / work on a seperate Lenovo Thinkstation p920 and my home machine already runs x299 so to me a 9980 or 10980xe seemed to be the best upgrade i could so since i do like the cores to be able to do a few VMS and compile code and game at the sametime, but now that the new CPUs have cores i may just get something like a 12900k or see what AMD offers and it should do me well and save me money too.

Yeah. I don’t think there’s any question that Alder Lake will be better for gaming and has almost as many cores. Not only are these Cascade Lake cores (so not that different to the 8 efficiency cores in terms of performance, but with hyperthreading), but it also uses the mesh topology which has a hefty performance hit in gaming performance (compare the 10900X with the 10900K). If I remember rightly, the 9980XE was more or less the same CPU but with a thermal paste TIM instead of solder, so it ran hotter? I might be misremembering, but the 9980XE at $330 is more compelling value imo.

No, forget the 12900K. Period. You don’t need it for your workflow and you pay waaayyyy too much $$$$ for it now. The 12400 and particularly 12600 are fine and cost a whole lot less. Remember, you need the X699 mainboard for Alder Lake and as Wendell already alluded to, those are expensive!

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…the 12400 doesn’t actually exist yet

Hmm, So even if i can get the 12900k for ‘free’ by trading the old parts i have its still not worth it? and well looking at the i5’s they only have 10 cores right? that wont be enough since i was having issues with a 10850k running out of cores, so i got the 9940x to improve that.

id save some $ and get the 12700k since it is effectively very close to the 12900k. same # performance cores! Im working on the video. for everything except heavy multicore there is no practical difference between the 12700k and the 12900k. the 12600k is also more beastly if you tweak the power settings a bit.

You probably don’t really need ddr5 either so you can get a decent ddr4 z690 board with the i7. for everything except rendering I doubt anyone could tell the difference between the two. and its $200ish cheaper

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IF you’re gonna entertain gaming, off of an x299 board… How much priority would it be?
These denser cored packages, will not have the same frequency headroom, compared to lower SKUs

If the VM stuff is greater priority, then the hardware divvying should be plenty good with x299*
*Do take note, that even with the Gen10 i9, it’ll still be PCIe 3.0 [IF, that is of hardware concern]

… But, do keep tabs on what capacities, that the Alder Lake chips / LGA1700 [could] offer

I’m actually in this position too, coming from an R5 3600. Splitting my build in half to make a gift one and debating on going for 12600k for myself or snagging a cheap 9980xe/10980xe instead.

I do a bit of programming on it, getting in FPGA bitstream dev stuff so I could utilize the 18c ones (look at me trying to justify to myself cooler HEDT parts :P)