990FX motherboard Display


I want to have AMD machine

now i can see 990FX motherboard were Good for AM3+

Now my question is this motherboard not have any Display Connectors so what i am missing here

I know Graphics card have it but without installing Graphics Driver how could i setup basic things

I have not purchased any thing so i really want to know how exactly I can have display as i cant see any VGA or HDMI or any connector what so ever on motherboard

Please help..!!!


You need a graphics card. Plug your monitor in to that and it will work, You can still set it up and install your OS and all that without having to install graphics drivers.

its because there are no AM3+ cpu´s with an intergrated gpu. thats why those motherboards dont have video ports on it, because you need a dedicated gpu anyway. ☺

Your graphics card with just go into whats called VGA mode. Just install your card and plug you monitor into it.


thank you people.. 

my last PC was core 2 due and i did not pickup new things so thanks for help..