9900KS - bootable on non-updated mobos?

Hey guys, didn’t know if it should go here or on the mobo section lol

I’ve seen OEMs starting to roll out updates for 9900KS support.
Now, obviously none of the mobos out now support it out of the box. Does that mean Intel expects that all the 9900KS buyers are upgrading from 8th or 9th gen CPUs?
Which is weird since, you know, it’s still the same generation.

I know about the flashback features but it’s not available on all motherboards, even some high end ones (ROG z390-I).

Is it possible that you’ll be able to boot it to the UEFI?

that would be super dumb if you have to update the uefi to use it on z390.

Guess we’ll have to wait until it’s actually out and being reviewed to confirm it at least boots on non-updated bios.