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9900k cooling


I was just thinking the same thing, but thought it was against the rules for the forum. I just checked the rules and it isn’t.


Enermax liqtek are the go to for the most part for aio for TR


I hate Jays2cents. But recently he has been spinning Intel soldered chip on their hot plate on a desk.

And lapping them. Time and time again he has done this.

Could intels solder method (soder for you US guys). Not get the IHS flat ?

Anyany Im AMD but hay intel needs a break. Spin ya chip and make sure it is flat then cool it well with a quality air or AIO cooler.


When it comes to the 9900K the limiting factor is most likely the quality of the chip you got and how effective is the soldering. If you’re planning to run your CPU for many years I think you’re safe with an NH-D15 with both fans installed. That’s because you don’t want to exceed 1.35v to stay stafe, which is something the NH-D15 can handle no problem. Over 1.35v you need exponentially more powerful cooling for just 100MHz more so it’s not worth in my opinion.

tl;dr daily stable overclocked 9900K system can run on an NH-D15 with two fans without a hiccup


I have an original h100i it’s only about as good as a nh d15 in performance but it has not leaked a drop after 3 years and I don’t expect it to. As long as you aren’t messing with the tubes I don’t see them springing a leak easily.


The difference is D15 will last forever h100i pump will die at some point or your will loose performance over time due to water leaching through the tubes.


The amount of time it would take for permeation to matter would be longer than the life of the machine realistically. Pump failure is more likely to happen before then.

I’m mainly speaking to the OPs concerns of a leak. Its not impossible but I think people put way too much weight on such a small chance because the times that it has happened it gets attention like an aircraft crash.

All of that is to say, its perfectly safe.

@astimp13 I agree with most of what everyones telling you. The noctua is a great way to go.

Similar to an expansion tank in hydronic systems. This won’t stop a leak. Its marketing wank. It does serve a purpose to help relieve pressure from heating but its not that big of a deal in a system thats sealed properly.


I will go noctua or a 360mm aio because I have all this space and I may get cooler temps? I figured they were pretty safe now a days.


Go a good air cooler like noctura. AIO are still air cooling only. The water only moves the heat.
If you have a great air cooler it is the same with less complexity. IE far more reliable.


Ya seems like the best noctua performs just as good as aio water coolers


If you’re concerned that an AIO will leak then Noctua NH-D15 is the best air cooler IMO.


Seems like I will be getting that


In my testing i’ve found the CoolerMaster MasterAir MA620P performs a bit better. The NH-d15 has problems transfering heat all the way up through the cooler and realistically only makes it about half way… the MA620P is capable of more uniform heat disipation thus performs better even though it’s slightly smaller.


I’ll have to check it out. It is rgb and cheaper. I’m also getting an 8700k instead


And to give you more of a decision dilemma, the Cryorig large towers, I only really know the R1, do a very good job and look nice too.