9900k cooling

I have never used anything other than air coolers for my cpus. I am concerned that an aio would leak and damage my pc. I dont know much about OCing and dont care about noise. I was wonder what you all would suggest doing for cooling my 9900k. This will be my build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qqDXq4. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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I dont think rads below the size of 360/280 are really much better then air coolers. Your AIO is over that size so its thats a start. Honestly tho If you dont care about OC then a good Big tower cooler should be plenty and still get you some good Turbo time. (Lets go pens XD)

Per Cooler Master you can fit coolers with up to a height of 190mm so its not really restrictive at all on any cooler.

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I am willing to get a very good cooler in either catagory, just depends on how easy OCing is really. If it’s easier to do on this platform I will get a large aio. If it’s difficult then I’ll get a really good air cooler…go caps! Threepeat!


The cooler wont limit you if you going higher end air, and if it did it wouldnt be insignificant imo 100Mhz Tops probably (especially with the air flow that case will have)

X61 will be close to 360mm rad

does either platform have super easy/noob friendly OCing? if not then I may just get the best air cooler.

I mean a lot of the motherboards have auto oc applications. Those work well enough(a bit aggressive on the voltage), what resolution do you game at BTW?


The OC probably wont gain you all that many frames would be my guess 1440 has small gains, but most of the real gains are 1080p level since your gpu is able to pump those out like its nothing

AIO are pretty safe and most have warranties that cover your equipment, I never have used one went straight to Custom loops (super waste of money)

currently at ces deepcool has a never leak aio that I want but its not out yet.

(X) DOUBT, anything can leak

supposedly it has a bladder that contracts and expands when needed so it doesn’t leak

While that sounds cool and all, I am more thinking wear and tear on fitting locations. Also not sure how they are dealing with evap through tubing so that doent really solve that issue either.

I have to see if the motherboard im getting OC for me or not. if it does ill go AIO

I believe the ASRock A-Tuning does it, not 100% tho. Its not really that hard to be honest just time consuming

ill check it out thanks! I also wonder how safe the auto overclock software is. I dont want it to cause any damage.

The only negative is it usually runs pretty high voltage on the cpu, its not usually at a actually dangerous level, but it will degrade your cpu faster (Any OC will degrade your CPU faster then stock over time), but you could use the auto oc then turn down the voltage a bit and then run like prime95 or something to add a bit of life to it. If you rebuild every 3-4 years i doubt you would have any issue just using their auto OC. A bit longer you might have to downclock before your next upgrade.

makes sense. maybe ill just wait to overclock it after 4-5 years or slow down to make it last longer.

Will still overclock after 4-5 years just will loose a bit off your top end *could

Hi astimp13 I hope you don’t mind me asking a question on your post? Mutation666 I was wondering if you could recommend an aio for the Threadrippet? I have decided to not use RGB in my Shadowbane Project and instead use the money I will save in either more corse or more memory. I would have like to have used a that flash, but since my new build is mostly going to be used to simulate virtualized networks and help me pass Cisco networks certifications plus be a home lab, it made more sense to reporitize my budget away from all that flash.

@Shadowbane I don’t mind but I think it would be in your best interest to start a post so others can see it so you get more responses.

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