980ti Reference Cooler

Hey guys, a pretty quick one here.
Im considering a 980ti, and in the uk, the reference design coolers are considerably cheaper. Does anyone know about the noise levels when in use? Also do the reference designs support the 0db cooling?
Thanks :)

The Nvidia reference cooler is pretty quiet, although not nearly as quiet as an after market cooler like a Twin Frozer 5 from MSI or a DCU2 from Asus. The cooler also doesn't support any kind of a zero rpm fan mode, as it would over heat. Other brands can do zero rpm fan modes because there cards have more exposed fans which can be cooled by case air flow, but the stock cooler doesn't have this to its benefit.

I really only recommend reference for 3 reasons:

  • SFF Environment
  • Watercooling (And even this is not really a good argument)
  • SLI with no space inbetween the cards (On boards with poor spacing)

Non-reference coolers simply offer so much more in terms of board design, temps and acoustics that I say they are well worth the extra cost

Just be careful with the board design part of non reference cards, Water blocks don't fit on most custom card, and the 970 and 980 they ended up not overclocking as well which is really strange. Really I would expect the reference cooler on the 980Ti to be on par with the Titan-X's. It won't be silent but isn't overly loud at normal fan speeds. From what I have seen the 980Ti uses around 360-380 watts at full load same as the Titan-X so I would expect some noise and some heat when you are really pushing it or overclocking.

EK makes blocks for just about every custom board nowadays so that is not an issue

@Tinman you're wrong

  1. System in IDLE = 92 Watts
  2. System Wattage with GPU in FULL Stress = 332 Watts
  3. Difference (GPU load) = 240 Watts
  4. Add average IDLE wattage ~10 Watts
  5. Subjective obtained GPU power consumption = ~ 250 Watts

so I am I stand corrected however it will vary some card to card as well as overclocking I was correct however that the TDP is roughly the same as the Titan-X

Thanks for the suggestions, its massively appreciated! Something I didnt consider is that the price of the regular 980 has gone down so it looks like I might be getting one of those instead around September time. I am teetering between EVGA and Gigabyte.


I got the evga 980ti. Its Beautiful.