980ti Hydro


Thinking of getting a 980 Ti and the EVGA Hydro seems pretty compelling. Where do you think it would fit in my build? (Define R4)

I believe you have a fan mounting point just in front of the PSU? If you can't, Are you using all the drive bays? Maybe one of those can be removed. I dunno... Play around with the lay out and see what works for airflow and routing.

you can mount the rad at the top no problem.
Or in the front.

I'd move your hdd into the lower bay, take out the top hard drive cage and then put the rad there. Or you could put it on one of the top fans without much of an issue.

Put it in the top - you ALWAYS want heat to travel up then out

Don't you think that the H80i's pipes will come in the way? I'd also want to know how long the EVGA Hydro's pipes are.

So move the CPU cooler to the top and put the gpu cooler where the cpu cooler is now

I think I might go with an air cooler, I fear that I'd screw something over.

I highly recommend EVGA's hybrid coolers. I put one on my Titan X, and my core temps on Shadow of Mordor went form high 70's 80's on air to the high 40's using the hybrid cooler. Your card will boost higher and run much cooler. Win freakin win!

Just a non reference air cooled 980Ti will be just as good yes.

Remove one of those hdd cages and mount it to the front. Or run the cpu AIO in the roof, then gpu AIO at the rear (cause the tubing may not me long enough to reach to the roof).
I would personally just grab a non-ref 980ti like the Gigabyte G1 >>review<<