980ti hybrid?

I know enough to assume the 980ti will be 6BG ram, 384bus, and same 200m Maxwell as the titan X.

Believe EVGA(or any other company) will also make a hybrid for the GTX 980ti or to early to tell?

Just looking for options and possible leaks.


The card does not exist, so any article you can find about it, are basicly rumors,
so you can take those with a big a grain of salt.

I think that the 980Ti would maybe never come out.
But its realy too early to tell.

I see. Guess all they're to do is wait on the R9390x and see what Green team will do.

i think that a 980 Ti is going to be a hard sell.
The 980 is allready a maxed out GM204 chip, so that gpu cant be made better.
They only could use a GM200 chip for that, But i think that will be a hard sell.
Offcourse they could use some faulty GM200 chips for the GTX980Ti and just disable a couple of units, but then still it will be a hard sell probably.

That what I was thinking. If EVGA make a titan x 6 GB version for $200 less it would be a gold pot monopoly, but it will never happen.

Titan X hybrid maybe my only option if the 980ti will never happen and that's only if the water kit is compatible.

well the problem is, in my opinnion Nvidia layed their ACE on the table to early with the TitanX.
Thats why i think that the 980Ti will maybe not happen.

Because the titan X is their flagship single gpu right now, with a fully unlocked GM200 chip.
They could release a GTX980Ti with a GM200 chip with disabled units, to fill a gap between the 980 and Titan X, but if the R9-390X beats the Titan X for less money, they will still have a problem.
Because the Titan X is their flagship card, and its not very likely that the 980Ti will going to be faster then that.

yep hard to tell.

If they get free sync on the same page as g sync. 390x will be the card to have.

Just believe the titan x is over kill for gaming they should come out with a 980ti if they want the 390x fight to be in the bag.

This maybe the 1st time AMD has gotten ahead of Nvidia since GTX 480.

I really think that it all depends on AMD. If they have a really good card that Nvidia needs to answer, they may have to throw something together. Even though the 980 is a fully enabled chip they could release a gimped titan as a 980ti or 985. They also haven't done a dual chip card since the Titan Z and 690 before that. They might be able to slot a 990 with 8 GB (7GB usable) of ram in between 980 and Titan X.

Seriously don't see the 990 coming out the price would be out of the ball park.

985 with a Titan x chip would be the only thing price to performance compatible to the 390x.

Just my option. Have to wait and see.