980Ti Hybrid cooler on a 1080

so I have an old 980Ti that kicked the bucket. and it still has a good hybrid cooler. but I'm wondering would it be "okay" if I put that hybrid cooler on my 1080? its a founders edition.

What hybrid cooler do you have? Have you bothered checking the manufacturer's website, to see if they've updated the list of supported cards, with the gtx 1080?

If its the EVGA hybrid, no it is not. The pcb of the 1080 is different from the 980 Ti and if you install that hybrid cooler it is likely to damage the 1080 and not adequately cool components on the pcb. If its an NZXT G10, that's another story, but if it is the EVGA Hybrid then it should not be put on a 1080.


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Because I'm shallow and love the look of the refence cards :P

Do you stare at your GPU for hours on end everyday?

no but just knowing I do lol