980ti, fury x or 970 SLI?

Ok got income tax money coming what do you guys think the best thing to do?

Currently rocking a water-cooled 290x. Was gonna upgrade another 290x but I have to buy another 290x + 1200W+ power supply so I rather guys take out the 290x.

Main games playing are GTA V, Skyrim, bluestacks/emulation, Dota 2 and ocassionally BF4.

I'm looking at 970 SLI tho I have no clue of fury x will be better or 980 ti since is is right at the 970 SLI price range 600-650.

Oh btw my gaming res. is 1080p trying to get most my FPS near 144 since I have a BenQ monitor. I also have an extra 1080p monitor using 2 of them in portrait mode whenever I have the need for them.

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Seeing as you have a 290x, it should last you for quite awhile so I wouldn't upgrade. If you really want to upgrade, wait a couple of months for Pascal/Polaris comes out.

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I second the wait option. I am running a 280x and am going to wait.
annother option would be to pick up a cheap second hand 290x and crossfire

A 290x is about equivilent to a 970, so you could add a second and save the cost of a card. If that isn't an option I would go for the 980TI because it has 6GB Vram compared to the 4 or 3.5 on the others.
I have a pair of 970s, but would not reccomend a multi gpu setup unless you can only budget for one card now, and another later one. Since you have a 290x and you are considering a fury x or 980ti that is not the case.

What power supply do you have now?

The best option would be to wait until new cards are released this year and get one of those.

none, wait like 3 months for all the new cards, or buy a 4k display now

Can i hijac the thread?
Same question, currently rocking a 970, but 4k res.
What to do?


just save your cash and wait for the new GPUs which will be able to push 60fps at 4k at the high end, or should be able to anyways , and also look to see if nvidia fixes it's DX12 shortcomings on their next gen cards

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@RageBone yes wait and see, hopefully the new gpus will be able to push 60fps on 4K. GDC starts today, Nvidia and AMD are expected to release some info on their upcoming GPUs

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Nvidia releasing the 1080 series of cards in less than 2 months which will bring in new pricing. Id wait myself.

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Thx guys!

Thx guys I'll just wait then. The reason I was gonna go 970 SLI was cuz it's pretty much a 980 ti on benchmarks and more power effecient. I did PSU calculations and the recommended setup for my rig for crossfire 290x puts it up to 1000-1200w usage, whereas the SLI 970 would only put me at a single 290x usage. I have a 760W PSU, so a corsair 1200 axi would set me back another 200 dollars.

While true... this only works IF sli is supported/implemented properly. I'd just wait a few months until the new cards launch because the 290x is still an extremely capable card.

Yes i would recommend to wait aswell.
Sli or crossfire is most of the time not realy worth it.
Unless you play to game on high res like 4k.

Just wait and see what polaris and pascal will bring to the table.

OP if you don't really want and need PhysX don't upgrade yet.

I did 970 SLI, long story short, it sucks, go with the Fury X or 980Ti, I cannot stress that enough

Haha, my friend also vented me how shit 970 SLI is in Witcher 3 and he regretted not just buying better single card. :D

If i was you and wanted to be frugal (and I kinda was a year back or so) I would probably get a 390X or just be happy with the 290X. If I had too much money I would get the Radeon Pro Duo next month ;) Or probably just a couple of 980ti's.

A 390 crossfires happily with a 290. X or no X makes no difference, it's not like with Nvidia when they need to be the same to even consider SLI. Sure you'll be VRAM limited by the 290, really depends on what kind of resolutions you use, at 1080p 4GB is more than enough. I have a 290X and a 290 on a X79 2011 system and use a good 860 Watt PSU, a decent 1000W is more than enough. Frame pacing for DX9 is working in crossfire, most DX9 games I've tried I get ~90 FPS in 4K. Skyrim depends heavily on what ENB you use.

Which brings me to that I also agree with what others in the thread have said, Crossfire/SLI si not for the faint of heart. There will be issues, and some will not be workable depending on your preferences. One fast card is less of a headache.

Nitpick: The 290X actually not really comparable to a 970, I have mine overclocked at ~1100 Mhz, and no, a 970 is not as fast. At 1100 Mhz a 290X is noticeably faster than a 970 at 1400 Mhz. Hawaii has higher "IPC" so to speak compared to Maxwell, it gains more from a frequency increase. The drivers have made good increases over the last year or so, and of course in DX12 Hawaii/Grenada kinda shines. Maxwell is at best almost as fast in DX12 as in DX11, as they can't replace the shaders with their own in DX12 they tend to be a tad slower in the latter.