980Ti and minecraft, plz send help

Well here I am again with well...an embaressing issue. My pc cant run minecraft... Well ok it can run it but i barely get more than 100 fps (target 120 but still I should get waaay more that the 100) max! I have 8 g of ram allocated to it out of 32 gig available, just reinstalled minecraft and java, I have the zotac 980Ti, stock 4790k, disabled integrated graphics through bios, im at a loss, and this is at 1080p tooo!!!!! I think I should be able to max out the settings and still be getting 500+ fps or somehting crazy. What am I doing wrong? Please help me :(

Might sound stupid but have you checked the max FPS in minecraft settings or v sync is on in Nvidia control panel?

well v sync doesnt matter becuase the monitor is set to 120 anyways and the fps lock is either put to 120 or unlimited to no avail

And you've definitely given mc 8gb of RAM in the launcher because mine defaulted to 2GB

yeah i set xms to 8 and xmx to 4

I shall have to defer to someone else then I'm afraid.

thanks for trying tho

you have to have 64 bit java installed. Otherwise minecraft will use no more than 2 GiB. Next are you running with a shaders mod, or vanilla minecraft? How many plugins? I run 1.8 with shaders mod and a 512bit texture pack. I get about 70fps. i5 4690k @ 4 GHz, and an R9 290. Make sure Vsync is turned OFF, doesn't matter how high your refresh rate is, minecraft is actually a big game. Turn it off.

I do have 64 bit java and i have a fresh completely unmodified minecraft except for the change in ram allocation

how are you running the minecraft server?

its not a server just minecraft

theres your problem I believe
Run the server separate from the game.

Run minecraft server, and then connect to it using localhost method. You can still do single player.

there is no server its just minecraft.

Curious as to why you want the fps that high anyways

just want 120 fps but I think I should be able to go way higher anyways

btw if you don't want to install a server and do the way I suggested, run the Optifine mod.

remove your added arguments they are not needed put everything to default

are you just doing single player or a high pop multiplayer?

but thats not what I want to do. Something, somehwere is broken and is making minecracraft run anoyingly slow. My CPU usage never goes above 50 percent and my GPU is below 20 percent no matter what in minecraft and it bothers me

ok ill do that real quick then

ok another thing that happens is that when i load into a world i fall into a black void for a while until the world eventually laods and wheneevr i place tnt it takes the world a bit to play the sound and the tnt takes forever to light and go off.