980ti @ 2560x1440p

I want to buy an asus gtx 980 ti strix when it comes out if possible, would this card be fine for a 2560x1440p display or would it be overkill. I want to run games like gta 5 at high or ultra at this definition plus stuff like racing games and minecraft with texture packs shaders e.c.t. Would this card be well suited to this kind of work and I might also be doing video editing as well with it.

Thank you!

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A 980 Ti will be more than enough. When it's able to achieve playable framerates at 4k just think how well it will handle 1440p.
PC Gamer has a review where it shows 1440p benchmarks.
You could always just buy a used 780 Ti or a normal 980.

A 970 can already do 1440p for most games. A 980 does it comfortably. A 980Ti will be a very solid choice for maxing EVERYTHING in 1440p.

I'm glad people are mentioning the 980ti for 1440p. IMO it's a flagship card for 2560x1440. based on performance benchmarks you could easily run GTA V on ultra at 1440 and maintain 60+ frames.

not to mention plenty of other games for years to come.

Pretty much, however with a significant number of games it's pretty much a 4k high/ultra card. It's somewhere inbetween 4k/1440p I would say.

Ideal for 3440x1440 anyone?

Would be fine, although, you could spend like way less money, and get a 290 and be pretty alright at 1440p

a 970 is perfect for 1440p (although shows its quirks in newer titles)

so a 980TI is perfect assuming you have the money, a 980 might even be all you need.

A 980ti is far from perfect but it's as good as you'll get at the moment, It is in no way overkill. Racing games are best played at 144hz so I suspect you have a ROG swift and not some lame 60hz thing?

If the ti did GTAV on ultra at 144+ fps minimum I'd say it was perfect (right now) ...but it doesn't.