9800gtx+ sold


Too late, It's sold. :)

damn only if you were shipping to the UK


lol ebay not good enough?

awesome starting price... i have a gtx 260 core 216 so obviously i wont be getting it but still, a great price.

nice sales pitch but i dont have money right now

so what ati card did you get?

Oh anon, you so funny.

Making a post on /g/ and then here you are.

The world is so small.

New Mexican Pioneers reporting in.

Roger that, sir.


Kinda crazy odds you saw my post on /g/.
Well, sorta.

idk lol

Sold for $71? Someone got lucky :3

We should pray that buyer good luck :|

lol MeGotRice actually won it, pray him with good luck.

I ended it early because the S/N sticker got ripped off from some exposed electrical tape adhesive from a cable inside my case, so I didn't feel right selling it to him full price since the warranty is void.

That's the reason you pay different amounts for different brands, customer service, warranty, quality control, stuff like that.

First of all it was used, so subtract about $40 from the retail price of a new card at that moment and the warranty was void so subtract another $30-$40. That's why most warranty intact 9800GTX+ sell for around $100 on eBay.

Well at least Rice would be enjoying it and the other 9800GTX+ along with his P55 board.