9800 gt vs 9800gtx ? price vs preformance

so what am i better off getting the 9800 gt hybrid with 55nm for $129 on sale at new egg

$109 with mail in rebate and free shipping



9800 gtx for $148 (there sold out =/)


how many watts do i need for 9800 gtx?

and what are the dimensions of both cards to see if they fit or not

thanks for your time =)

It's 400 for the 9800GT and 450 for the 9800 GTX....I think...and those are the minimum requirements. Honestly, it all comes down to what you'll be playing and how long you'll be playing for. After seeing your system specs, I'm pretty sure there will be bottlenecking for both. However, the 9800 GTX is clearly the better card, and when overclocked, will do beautifully in games. If you want to save power, the 9800 GT Hybrid Edition will definitely be the one to choose, and can also be overclocked. Both perform fairly well, can handle crysis (if that means anything anymore) and most other games, and will probably last about two years or so. So yeah. There are some sales coming up. Try to check out Fry's or Circuit City since they hold the EVGA cards. Black Friday/Holiday time might be a good time to start looking. If not, perhaps NewEgg or TigerDirect if they have a bundle/sale.

9800gt will last you a good 2 years...

its incredible price/performance

9800gtx is considerably better, but not incredibly. it would still only last about 2 years.

i have an 8800gt, same as the 9800gt, and i love it. of course, your processor sucks.

ok thanks

damn freaking bottle necking X(

so will a corsair 600something watt have those average on the 12volt rail or what ever the freaking it is im going higher for future proof

yah my processor suck balls i would like to upgrade my processor but my mobo dosent support core 2 quad and only low end core 2 duo fsb or w.e it is i would like to replace my entire computer >.> but im fucking retarded and spent $1000 on a laptop which i could of spent on a desktop better ugh fuck this computers are so freaking complicated

evga vs xfx? does xfx offer life time warranty?






get the 9800GTX+


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i'm sure even corsair's 550w can power up the 9800gt easily

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600 watts will be plenty to run a 9800gtx

i prefere evga, but xfx is the same.

only one difference, evga supports a thing where within 90 days of your purchase you can get all the money you spent on your card towards another card.

anyways, xfx has always been cooler to me, cause they just look cooler

XFX has better looking cards in some cases (Ie. their GTX) series and now offers a lifetime warranty on all cards. ALSO! Most of their cards come bundled with Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty 4 =]

and there packaging is a lot nicer

Yeah. This is what I got from EVGA. [IMG]http://i526.photobucket.com/albums/cc342/snarlingchicken/DSC08675-1.jpg[/IMG]

Came in plastic. Looked like box was opened, piece of an EVGA seal on the bottom, had a plus sign sticker for the EVGA 9800 GTX"+", came with missing DVI to HDMI adapter, came with only one DVI to VGA adapter, and was missing an SPDIF cable. Safe to say that I will no longer be buying from EVGA. It's either XFX or BFG.

i mean, the only reason someone wouldnt buy from xfx is if they plan on using the evga 90 day step up program. i love the way my xfx card was packaged, and it came with a door thingy that usually says "do not disturb" but on it its got a picture of a wolf and it says, "do not disturb, im gaming" coolest thing evar!

wow wtf i expected a lot more from evga and fucking p[plastic? no anti static bag wtf? are you that cheap because you are the number video card manufacturer

what about the xfx 9800 gt it dosent have an all over cooler so it dosent look as high end lol

did u buy this off newegg?


I used to love xfx.

not anymore.