980 TI SLI or Wait?

I've been hearing a lot of the same story this morning about the new dual gpu from nvidia, I was actually literally working out my order for a pair of TIs then I heard the dual gpu story and stopped in my tracks. My favorite card I've ever owned at this point was the 7950 GX2 from BFG, so if I could pull something like that with TIs in my smaller case I'd be down. So, what would you guys do? Wait or pull the trigger?

Well at least wait for the sales at this point. You're no more than 2 months from being able to snag cards for a lot less due to the holidays.

That's my thinking as well. I'm still rocking two 560 Ti 448's and they aren't just starting to show their age. I could OC them to squeeze a bit more out of them...but I'm wanting DX12 compatibility...

Well, FuryX 2 is coming soon... That will be a beast...
However, next generation of HBM promises ridiculous performance increase, and even if it is disappointing, they were talking something like 10 times the performance or something that stupid fast...

Man, what a great move by nVidia on those beauties. "You can't afford a GTX 570? Well here's MOST of a 570 for $60 less."

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dual 980Ti on one PCB? well i highly doubt that Nvidia will make a gpu like that.
THey have done it in the past with the GTX690 but we have not seen a dual gpu since then, other then the Titan Z ofc.

Weren't there all kinds of issues with those too? Like over heating, general stability issues, things like that... I also seem to remember that you couldn't run them in SLI for some reason.

My recommendation is always buy what is out now. Unless something better is coming out in less than a month. People will always say "wait this super awesome thing comes out next year you should wait and get that!" But by the time you've waited something else will be announced and people will be telling you to wait for that. SLI 980tis would be an absolute beast of a set up that should last you many years to come. I say do it.

Or until nVidia stunts the drivers in 6 months.


I think I'm going to give it a week, if I don't hear anything at all about this new dual gpu card or if I'm not impressed, then I'll go ahead and pull the trigger. Definitely not biting if it's a Titan Z all over again.

What are your actual plan´s with dual 980Ti´s?
4K gaming i assume.

I'd wait, It's alot of money for a setup that isn't that dx12 capable :/

Are they really doing that now? Can we go back to the days of the 600 series when they were respectable?

You didn't hear about the Gameworks ready driver BS where suddenly 780 Tis were performing worse than GTX 960s?

Wtf? That's like a $500 card performing worse than a $150 card???

I saw a dip in performance on my 670's when the 9xx line came out. But I'm not sure it was malice. Bad drivers in the beginning of a generation is not unheard of. My performance seems to be back around pretty much where it was before.

Nvidia releasing dual GM-200 GPU soon :)

To OP - Maxwell scaling on SLI is terrible. I went from 980 SLI to 980ti because scaling and frametimes sucked so bad. I didn't notice these problems with Keplar GPU's

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Can confirm this. Some older games are running VERY poorly on my MSI TWIN FROZR 780Ti with the latest drivers.

In a previous post I talked about upgrading my system, I am going to be getting a 4K 40 inch screen. I'm deciding between several options atm though the AMH is the strongest contender to me right now.

Originally, I had planned a full Skylake build with the dual TIs, I was going to give my 4690k machine to my wife but she's since expressed she wants a fully AMD system. So, I decided to stay with the 4690k, upgrade my PSU and video cards. Then build her a machine based around my existing MSI 270 video card and 550w PSU. She'll be getting a Monoprice 1080p screen to go with it.

As for DX12 capability, the jury is kinda out on that. We currently have two gaming benchmarks with one being a high end RTS that favors AMD. I enjoy some Civilization or Red Alert as much as the next guy, but I doubt I'm going to see drastic differences between TIs and Furys. Additionally, there's still the nagging problem of actually finding available Fury cards. If MSI offered a vanilla Fury, I'd definitely be considering it (don't want the water cooling) but they don't.

The second DX12 benchmark is for a game that's more representative of what I imagine I and many others will be playing, the Fable bench (according to PCPer's testing at least) gives a more expected picture of various cards: TI beating out the Fury, 390x beating out the 980, 950 beating out the 370, etc.

@TBoneSan - the last dual GPU config I ran admittedly was the GeForce 7950 GX2, so we're talking 2006-2007. The thing was beast mode before beast mode was a thing. It lasted me for several years without real complaint. Admittedly, my experience then has informed a lot of how I feel now, I want to play the Witcher and Skyrim at 4k without dropping the settings to poor.

I'm probably going to pick up a single card and my new screen first due to budgetary concerns, I want to get the wife's machine started and I need a new desk for whichever monitor I choose. In a few weeks I'll grab the second card. Assuming of course they don't announce this new dual gpu card and blow my mind enough to make me wait for it.