980 ti poor performance

Hey folks, I've been having a problem with my GPU for over a week and I've been trying to get support to help for almost as long with no success.

At the launch of Dark Souls 3 I noticed I couldn't run the game at a steady fps, granted I was trying to run the game at 4k so I turned the settings and the resolution down.

Unfortunately there was no improvement, and as I tried out other games the same problem persisted, even in games I had previously played just fine.

Through support I've updated drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled them multiple times and in a variety of ways. I've checked the temperature of the GPU which would peak at 77°C, swapped RAM around, and checked malware to no success.

I'm concerned it is my CPU, however the temperatures for that never go over 60°c, 4670k without any overlooking. I've updated my BIOS as well. I have a 750watt PSU, which I would think would be plenty.

What driver version are you running? Have you tried other games? Whats the specific power supply model?

I'm on 364.72 I think, and it's an EVGA 750, I can't remember the exact model off the top of my head. I'm at work right now.

Windows 10 64bit also.

I've tried Batman Arkham Knight, DS3, Cities Skylines, Heroes of the Storm, and SimCity.

What is the card your upgrading from? If it was an AMD card, the old AMD drivers may be affecting performance.

I had a 390 but I did a full uninstall, I think, of those drivers. It wasn't a problem before though so idk?

Try this: http://www.guru3d.com/content-page/guru3d-driver-sweeper.html Just to be sure

Thanks I will try that when I get home

UNINSTALL!! That is a problem driver to say the least, update to the newest or roll back to 361.43

Unfortunately I already tried reverting back to the older drivers with no success. I suppose I could try it again.

Go into the Nvidia control panel and make sure it is using your GPU instead of integrated graphics.

ye i wouldn't recommend latest "game ready" drivers, go for 361 (i think its latest WHQL driver anyway) newer had ton of issues

I rolled back to the 361 drivers last night and noticed that while the problem persists it's not quite as noticeable. Instead of dropping to 7fps it won't go lower than about 23 in Arkham Knight. I used to be able to push 60fps at 1080 and 30 at 4k so I guess I'll just have to deal with this sudden performance hit.

Check the GPU itself. Make sure it's in the top slot, firmly in the PCI-e slot, PCI-e cables all the way in, fans spinning under load.

Yup I did that. My first thought was that the fans aren't turning on and that's why it was running a bit warm but that's luckily not the case. Fans are fine, and I used some air to clean them off as well.

I was having some major issues with my 980ti and Premiere pro recently. Fixed by rolling back my drivers, but I rolled back to 364.72, so obviosly that won't help you.

what is your CPU and GPU usage during one of these low performing games?

My CPU usage doesn't go over about 75% in any game in particular. The temperatures stay low for my CPU if I'm playing any game, never hitting over about 60C.

What's kind of annoying is I got into the Mirror's Edge Beta, but I had to have newer drivers to run the game. I'm wondering if there isn't enough power going to the GPU, so when it has to process these more graphically intensive sequences it's simply not getting enough power to the GPU.

I forgot that I recently added another harddrive to my computer, I'd be surprised if that was causing the problem though. I would think that a 750watt PSU would allow enough headroom for all my peripherals, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

The GPU doesn't wine and the fans are working properly, temperatures for the GPU do get a bit high in really intensive games but nothing critical in my opinion. CPU usage seems just fine and with 16gb of RAM I doubt that's the problem. However I have two monitors, speakers, an audio interface, a microphone, mouse and keyboard, external HDD, 1 SSD and 3 internal HDD, printer, controller... Maybe I have too much stuff being powered? Is that even really a thing?

What is the cable method used to run the pci-e to the gpu? Are you using 2 single head cables or one cable with the 8+8 split on the end? If you're running a double headed cable, try swapping to two singles.

I'm using 1 6pin and 1 8pin cable, which is the recommended configuration for the GPU power inputs.


My PC had a Windows update and now the issue is completely fixed? Does that mean there was something messed up with Windows??? WTF Microsoft.