980 TI Factory Refurb

Found this on Amazon earlier, thought some people might be interested.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0106QZE62/ref=dp_olp_refurbished?ie=UTF8&condition=refurbished ($579)

180 day warranty, seller has a 94% positive rating with over 1000 sales in the past 12 months so sounds pretty legit.

Damn, my computer is white and black. Guess I'll have to fork over an extra $100 for the Gigabyte version to make sure something I'll probably never see matches the case.

Something weird i have noticed...
In my country, there is a store, that from time to time sells refurbished products, like Hard Drives and GPUs... And 9 out of 10 GPUs, that they sell Refurbished are MSI... I do not trust MSI with anything... I know it is tempting, but god damn... If i throw away 500$ for GPU and it dies, i will die with it...