980 or 780ti

Just wondering if you think a 780ti for 490 is worth it or just get the 980 for 555. I like that the 980 uses less power and the extra gb of mem. I plan on picking up a 1440p monitor soon and i want to be able to run most games maxed out. i have a multi monitor setup but i really only use one monitor to game on the others are just for mulit tasking. What i really wana know is is the 980 going to be worth the extra money in the long run?


At those prices that is a hard call. Me personally I'd still spend the $65 extra and get the 980. At the least just for the 1Gb extra VRAM. It seems like all the games are liking the VRAM a lot these days - and I'm sure it will only get more demanding in the coming few years. So for lack of better words .... "future-proof" yourself a little and get the 980.