970 SLI 4k Performance

Im currently running two Asus Strix 970s in SLI with a i7 4770k cpu OC'd to 4.0ghz for now.

Anyone here have 4k gaming experience that would like to describe performance, compatibility/support, and there overall satisfaction or lack of with a 4k gaming setup? Im looking at getting a 4k monitor this holiday season but results online are sparse and vary. Thanks ahead of time!

Do it! I'm running sli 980's and its epic at 4K

my monitor is the 28" Samsung U28D590D

You two basically each own the 4k monitors I've been debating between getting, any reason why I should choose one over the other? 

Mind if I drop this in?


4K G Sync!  That means no tearing, and it's supposed to be a whole lot smoother.  Make sure you use displayport cables though, as that's the only input supported(because of the G-Sync Module)

Linus' Video Review.


The panel is exactly the same (AFAIK) but the prices here in aus were $759.00 for the Asus and $549 for the Samsung.

Hmm I've read about the Acer, but it's about $300 more than the Samsung in the US, and like atleast $200 more than the Asus.