970+G10 +Water 2.0 Performer = high temps?

- Galax GTX 970 EXOC Black

- NZXT G10

- Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer w/NF-F12 at 850rpm on rear exhaust

- Arctic Ceramique 2

Idle = 34c

15mins of Furmark = 66c

Gaming usually 55c in BF4

I've remounted multiple times, pump and cpu pump (water 2.0 extereme) are both connected to molex now on same hub and I can feel it pumping. I found that originally I had screwed down the mount too far and it was bending the board and causing temps to hit 70c+ like the stock cooler.

Any ideas? People are using H55s and other 25mm AIOs and getting 50c max. Linus got 29c idle and 49c max 30mins Furmark.

So I tried re-applying again and not tightening as much, same temps.
Just swapped out the AIO for another W2.0P that I have and actually slightly worse temps.
W2.0P are supposed to be better than H55s why why am I having such temps? I'm so confused ugh.

Is your ambient temp the same or close to the temp that the other AIO's were tested at?

What is your ambient temp? Are you overclocking at all? The card should not normally go above about 70c but there are alot of factors to consider. Are you only using Furmark? Try stress testing with OCCT, Valley, and a few others. See if the temps are consistent. 

Can you maybe take a picture of how much thermal pate you're using? 


Also are you using anything to cool down everything else? VRM and such

Did you heatsink any of the memory chips or the power phases? I consider it a must for higher end gpus. It's not just about slapping an aio on it. While you can get away with it some of the time, the rest of the time your cooking your card. I have personally been using these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA3TR18A6845 with thermaltake 3.0 performer and the G10 . So far awesome results on various cheap cards from 7870's to 280's. My next question would be: What kind of fans are you running on your rad. Stock thermaltakes are terrible. Find a sp optimized fan or two to replace the stock ones.

I have a Water 2.0 Extreme 240mm on my 4790k at 4.5ghz 1.24v with AS5 and it's idle is 26-28c at the same time as testing last night and my gpu was at 31c. During BF4 last night the highest I hit was 62c.

- I have a NF-F12 on the rad running at 850rpms.

- The Galax 970 EXOC Black has has a heatsink with fins already installed on the VRAM

- I'm using the perfect amount of paste (Arctic Ceramique 2). The last 3 times I've pulled it off the paste has covered the whole gpu without running over and without bare metal showing, I've gotten pretty lucky with my amounts.

- I ordered some Gelid paste today so I'll try that when it comes it. Some people had 5-8c drop over AS5, I'm skeptical but we'll see.

- I think it comes down to the AIO. I may just buy a x40 in the future. 


Oh and Linus' recent video with the ghetto antec gpu cooling said his stock cooler was running 64c, which is 17c below my Galax EXOC Black was with Unigine Valley.

Ok so I bought some Gelid Extreme and my temps dropped 7c~. I won't be using Ceramique 2 ever again. I then turned my front 200mm fan up a little and then turned up the NF-F12 on the AIO and my temps dropped a little bit more.

I do suggest a 140mm rad or thick 120mm if you're planning on doing this.