970, 980 ti, or 980?

I'm building a PC and I was wondering, which GPU should I get? The 970, 980 ti, or 980? Which one's the best for the money? Other suggestions are appreciated.

Edit: I will mostly be playing indie games, and maybe some triple A games every once in a while, but I will also record videos and stream.

What resolution?

EDIT: And what are the rest of your specs? Are you building the whole thing from scratch or are you just dropping a new gpu in an existing system? What is the preferred budget?

I'm petty sure the 970 ti doesn't exist. do you mean the 980ti?

Unless I'm mistaken there isn't such as thing as a 970ti

Around that pricepoint seems to be the R9 390 - fury,
I would also consider those.

Personally for your kind of use; a R9 390 would seem ideal

if you are updating to windows 10 i would go with AMD there drivers have worked flawesly for me in win 10 and im not saying this cos im a fan boy im just saying its fact that amd's drivers work better on win 10 then nvidea so r9 390 or r9 fury

970ti... Smokin' that tweed are we?

I'm just curious if the 980 is actually worth it

Unfortunately for me, I am an NVIDIA fanboy :P thanks though!


I would say SLI 970ti. It's what pretty much all the cool kids are doing.

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Anyway, go with a GTX 980 if you just want the full Maxwell experience. Seriously if you are considering it in your price range just get it.

I'd go with crossfired GTX R9 970x ti's and overclock them in the defrag menu. But thats just me /s