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97 Buick Century


500$ bottom dollar
pickup only (you have to transfer title in the same county that my license is in)
No trades
Zip code 42320 BeaverDam KY
96 3100 motor 95k
Auto trans 165k
New rad, starter, alternator, and breaks
Breaks have limited lifetime warranty with paper receipts
Battery has a few months on the Warranty with paper receipts

I junked another olds and I took it’s spare tire and coil pack out of it, so the vehicle comes with a complete spare set of coil packs and 2 spare tire with scissor jack

Has a bad relay or fuse, occasionally drains the battery and won’t start but starts fine when you jump or charge it

Minor fender damage, a deer ran into the side of my vehicle (not front)

Hail damage, no visible dents from hail but it does chip paint because of it, it’s a hail damage title

Minor tear on the driver side seat

Runs great 3100 motor has tons of power over the previous stock motor

Will post interior (tan) pics tomorrow when more daylight out



To comply with the rules of BST, can you post a pic with your forum username in it?



Yeah I’m doing that with interior pics tomorrow in the light

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Sounds good. :+1:



Sale pending to Giggawaifu