9600's free swap

Just a tip for any of you who have a 9600 that is still in warrenty ! ( youd have to be lucky ! )

If you "accidentaly" overclock it too much and it breaks just send it back along with all the boring crap that goes with that and within a few days a nice little man will appear at your door with a 260 in hand just for you :)

P.s LONG LIVE Pacman !!!!!!!

your lucky, when my evga 9600 died evga sent me a 9800 GT.

that kinds sucks i told my buddy to do it and he gota 260 too, im surprised u got a 9800gt as i dnt think they are even on the production line anymore also my 96gt was the pny oc version maybe that has something todo with it

Holy crap I have a PNY 9600!

it was a evga 9600gt KO, and they replaced it with the 9800 gt superclocked.

So you mean to tell me that you overclocked your [b]PNY[/b] 9600GT until it died and got sent a GTX 260?

yup i was planning on replacing it the next day with 3x 280's so i thought id push it and see what would happen and then yes after sending it back etc i recived a free 260 within a few days

OK I want to try this, but you're most likely bsing, why would they give you a 260?

i have no idea i expected a new 96gt and was just going to ebay it brand new in the box.

Honestly it really did happen. BUT unless you can afford to blow it up for a 9800gt dont do it , either way you get a pretty nice update.

p.s im in england it may be a diff story in us

Lol, he's got to be trollin' He's only got 5 posts and 4 of them are in this thread.