£950 Haswell Build

Hey guys,

I've been putting this build off for a while now because I needed to concentrate on my end of school exams but now they're over and I plan to order the components within a week or two. I plan on using this build for gaming on low settings for now using the Intel HD 4600 graphics, (will upgrade to a good graphics card in a few months because I can't justify paying for a card that will play on medium settings when I will only get a short usage out of it) and I hope to do a Computer Science course in college next year, so I just presume I will need an i7 to do some of my assignments. I could be wrong, maybe someone could tell me if this is true? Anyway this is the build I'm thinking of at the moment.

Will be buying off Amazon.co.uk:

Case - Fractal Design Define R4 £75

Processor - i7 4770k £265

Motherboard - Asus Z87 Pro £155

Ram - Kingston Beast 8gb £65


SSD - 2x Kingston HyperX 3K 120gb £160

(wanted 240gb but was £175 so I am wondering if I should get 2 120gb SSD's and put them in RAID 0 or would the extra performance/ risk be worth it? I'll probably only be storing the OS and games etc on the SSD.)

HDD - Western Digital Black 1TB £70

Power Supply - Corsair CXM 750W £70

OS - Windows 8 £70

Peripherals - Logitech MK260 Wireless Mouse & Keyboard £15

Total Cost - £945

I would appreciate any advice you guys could give me, I'm still unsure whether to get the i7 or an i5 4670k. If I got the i5 would I be able to just replace the processor with an i7 and leave everything else (since they use the same socket) if I ever needed an upgrade. Sorry for the long post, I just have lots of questions!



well its difficult, i would personaly go with the i7 over the i5 in this case i guess. the i5 is ofc a great cpu for gaming, but  if you use it for more then gaming especialy at school things, computer science would probably go for the i7-4770k.

But where i was thinking off, maybe an X79 setup with i7 3820 cpu to start with could  please you maybe more. and if you ever have the money for it, you can allways upgrade the cpu to an ivy bridge-e  i7 six core 12 threads till that time, the only problem is that x79 does not have an intergrated gpu..  im just brainstorming

grtz Angel ☺

I never considered that, only thing is I would still have to buy a graphics card in the future and maybe also upgrade to the ivy bridge-e which could end up alot more expensive in the long run. It's definitely gotten me thinking though, thanks. Anymore ideas would be great. 

yeah thats a bit the problem, you need indeed to buy a cheap gpu for now if you go with the X79 thats indeed maybe a bit of a waste. the price diffrence between the i7 3820 and the 4770K is arround 30 pounds so thats probably not worth it.

I think you first plan would be the best bet, if you can game on that igpu from the I7 4770k then i would go for that option, and just buy a 120GB ssd for now. then save some money to buy a great gpu later, then you done. the reason for why i should not go for the i5 is  because you probably gonne need an i7 anyway.

i was playing arround a bit with partpicker: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/16PX4


That build looks very tempting, just wondering what sort of difference there is between the Western Digital Blue and Black HDD's? Also is the G.Skill Ram a better option than the Kingston? Power supplies always confuse me since I never know how much is enough. Would this power supply be able to handle something like 2 gtx 680's in the future. I know it's unrealistic at the moment but I'm just wondering what sort of expansion this power supply would be able to handle? Other that I think I'll follow your advice and go with that 7790 for now and drop the SSD's down to 1x120gb.