$940 Pc

Hey guys, I was just wondering if this is a good pc within the 950$ price range...?



Ive done one of these before but this will be for my family.

Any comments will be appreciated

My first question is, where you gonne use the computer for?

You can do  better for that money if you go with an AMD build ☺ psu is overkill

probably skyrim and stuff hahaha. and the PSU is overkill because I'm going to put another GPU in there at a later time

mostly new games )


just 20 bucks more, but the FX8350 will give you more performance in gaming, then the i5-3470. thats my opinnion ☺

That phantom white case is realy beautiful


why thank you kind person :). the reason ( if you're wondering ) I went with a 500gb HDD is because my dad works at a place where he can get 1hdd external hdds for like 20 bucks! that was a pretty useless thing to say but yeah, hahahah

na thats cool, if those drives are usb 3.0 or E-sata it will be cool, ofc if its an sata 6.0GBS drive, you can make them intern if you want. cause those external drives are not more then just an intern drive with a box arround it you can take them out of the box ☺

pretty sure they're USB 3.0 supported

wow thats cool for 20 bucks :D  give me a few of them haha , i had  a western digitgal elements usb 2.0 as my Wii drive, i lost my power adapter so i made a custom one, unfortunatly i blewup the box for some reason.. :( now i use that drive as an internal HDD

Why not this?  http://pcpartpicker.com/p/YoU6