£900 to £1000 (GBP) gaming laptop - Which is the best for me?

I'm looking to get a new gaming laptop in probably about a week (no I can't hold off until new releases) and I am down to about three, can anyone comment on the build quality/ their favorate out of the three?

ASUS GL752VW-T4077T - http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/GL752VW-T4077T-ASUS-GL752VW-T4077T_1829335.html

MSI GE72 6QD(Apache Pro)-033UK - http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-179541-033-MSI-GE72-6QD(Apache-Pro)-033UK_1875392.html

Gigabyte P16G-CF1 - http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/P16G-CF1-Gigabyte-P16G-CF1_1956213.html

I am more than happy to look at other recommendations, but these are what I saw in my price range and I am only using tha site because they seem to be the cheapest from my search.

I will be carrying this laptop around with me in a bag for most of each day probably and the laptop really needs to have good build quality.
Thanks for your help

Might I recommend a few Clevo resellers?




Yeah, I've seen them all. I've checked the prices, but that was just where I found them cheapest. When I settle on a model I will look again before buying, I have no atatchment to that site its simply the cheapest I can find.

Those are all pretty heavy for a laptop you will be carrying around all day. Are there not any in your budget that are smaller and lighter but still pack a decent punch?

As someone who has carried a laptop around all day I really noticed when I went from a 17" model down to a dell xps 13. The loss I screen size wasn't an issue as I had a monitor at home, and the extended battery life really came in handy too.

I'm not too worried a about the weight, I used to carry a laptop about the Anne weight, but also a load of documents with me (which I won't this time round).
The size however is a bit of a worry though. There are some equally capable laptops at 15" however they tend to cost more.
There are some potentially nice models from 3xs, which I might go the extra cost for but I'm just nervous due to I won't be able to buy a new laptop for at least 4 years

The entire thing comes down to what do you actually plan on playing on it?

This is a problem of 3 qualities, speed, price, quality and you only get to choose 2. Sometimes you won't get quality even if you pay for it, and more important that anything, check the warranty info: do you need to ship the machine or will they come to you? what is acceptable turn around time for them? is data covered (usually not)?