£900 Gaming PC

So I am thinking of building a gaming pc this december/january and need some opinions on the choices and what I could change to make things better.

pcpartpicker link: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/23J9F (The gpu is a vapor-x 280x not a dual-x)

Budget: around £900

Where I live: England

Do You need any peripherals?: No, I have got those already

What will you be using it for?: Gaming

Do you overclock?: No, but I would like to slightly overclock my cpu to around 4ghz.

Do you plan on custom watercooling?: No, not with this PC

OS: Yes, I included that in the pcpartpicker link

What kind of settings do you like?: I am hoping to play most games on ultra settings at 60fps (not the crazy games like crysis)

What resolution?: 1080p

What kind of games?: Battlefield, Bioshock infinite etc.

Thanks for any feedback in advance.







I picked the 8320 so that i could include a better gpu, but at the end i had about 30 dollars off of 90, which led me to put the noctua on so that you can overclock the 8320. If you feel that the noctua would be unnecessary, that 30 can be put towards a bigger hard drive, or possibly a 290x.

The only think that's bothering me there is the 600w 80+ bronze psu. Im thinking of doing some upgrades in the future so I think it would be better for me to go with a 750w 80+ gold psu. Any suggestions for good ones that would fit in my budget? Also I would rather go with an intel processor as I'm not the one who's buying my parts and my mom doesn't seem to want an amd processor :/


its a little bit over yet, but it fits in all of the requirements, other than the gold. at that price, gold isn't too much of a necessity. it won't actually make much of a difference.

Also would I really need a 290 for 1080p gaming? I'm going for a silent(ish) build (I forgot to put it in the post) and the designs on the current 290's only have one fan. But if they bring out a dual cooled gpu for the 290's I will get that instead of the 280x.

Maybe it isn't necessary right now, but that extra power never hurt anyone, and if you want to upgrade monitors later it won't hurt.

I would stick with the current build you have now, as CrossFire'd R9 290s would not only be overkill for 1080p and loud+hot, but they'd be damn expensive.  I wouldn't go so high with an i5.