900 euro pc build

HI all,

I would like to hear your opinion about this pc build i made for a friend, right now he is using a laptop from the medieval era so he really needs an update ;). Our budget is around 900 euro. btw. with all the exchange rates and hardware prices, the prices in dollars and euro's are generally the same.

So here are the parts:

mobo:Asrock 990fx extreme 3: 96.07euro http://azerty.nl/0-2817-447319/asrock-990fx-extreme3-.html

cpu: amd fx 8350: 173.90 euro http://azerty.nl/0-3125-563663/amd-black-edition-.html

case: zalman z9 plus: 51.86 euro: http://azerty.nl/0-1044-394090/zalman-z9-plus-.html

ram: Kingston hyperx genesis 1866 mhz: 55.90 euro http://azerty.nl/0-756-427263/kingston-hyperx-genesis-.html

dvd drive: 15 euro  some random one

hdd: WD caviar blue 1 TB: 64.90 euro http://azerty.nl/0-857-528532/wd-caviar-blue-wd10ezex-.html

ssd: crucial m4 128 GB 101.89 euro http://azerty.nl/0-1990-433238/crucial-m4-.html

psu: corsair 600 watt: 59.90 euro http://azerty.nl/0-1073-555978/corsair-builder-series-cx600-bronze.html

gpu:msi hd 7950 with crysis 3 and bioshock: 275 euro  https://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-190-MS


I would like to hear your opinions and advice.

Ps. we are dutch so sorry for the english :P

The only thing I would change is the PSU; for not much more, you could get a SeaSonic G Series 550W 80+ Gold PSU. It is fully modular, really efficient, and extremely well built. Aside from that, you might want to get an aftermarket cooler and overclock, but the stock fan will work for now.

ok thank you for the advice on the power supply, but my friend is not so good with computers and all that stuff so he doesn't understand overclocking so i dont think that it is worth the money on the cooler in that case. but thanks

Seems all good to me. If you want a faster HDD then a caviar black would be much better and for case a bitfenix shinobi would be better but that would probably add like 30 or so more euro's

hmm would there be a big difference between the blue and the black hdd? because they are more expensive.

The Caviar Black HDDs are 7200 RPM drives, with a really long warranty, and great reliability.. They are pretty much standard.


ik zou zoiezo een 750W 80+ bronze voeding kopen, zeker voor die video kaart hihi.

Daarnaast misschien een beter moederbord... Asrock is nu niet bepaald hetm eest betrouwbare merk... als het om overclocken gaat.

draai je het systeem gewoon standaard, dan zou het een prima moederbord zijn.


Ok thanks we will change it 3 year more warranty for 16 euro is it worth ty

hmm we would better keep talking in english :p btw. as i said earlier my friend doesn't overclock so the mobo will be fine and why would we really need the 750w

just to be safe for now and the fueture, if you wanne add some more things to the pc , in the fueture, then the 600W isnt realy give you much playing space.

i had an coolermaster 700W psu in my system with a single 7870, and that psu beeped  whenn i was gaming, so i bought a 750W 80+ bronze then the problem was solved.. If you read much revieuws and sites about ati cards then you will also read, that that cards needs a powersupply from atleast 500W to  work, (7870) so the 7950 will ask maybe more, so with an 750W you will be allways have plenty power enough, never  schimp on a psu, its one of the most inportant things in a pc..

grtz Kira