90 degrees at 4.1 GHz

I'm running a 4770k on an asus z87 Sabertooth with a dark knight night hawk (the one Logan reviewed) with some AS 5 thermal paste. After running the trial version of aida64 for ten minutes my core #3 peaked at 91 celcius, with all the other cores somewhere in this range (these temps were taken from the statistics tab in aida64). Besides the peak temps, the cpu remained inbetween 75c and 85c. Is this normal? I'm asking because everyone else seems to have temps within the 80's at 4.5 GHz and I am unsure of what to do.Should I continue my overclocking, and eventually push it to 4.5? or just leave it at 4.1?

Thanks, spirol

The peak overclock for Haswell CPUs is quite variable. You might just have one of the chips that can't be pushed that hard.


It might also have WAY to much Thermal paste try reseating the heatsink... if it doesnt improve then dont push anymore and try to put the voltage lower.

Sounds like a bad heat spreader :-*(

Sounds like your chip would benefit from a de-lidding!

That's too much, even for Haswell. Probably don't have the heatsink in place properly. Dark Knight should manage 4.4 with acceptable temps.

Use the ASUS 4 way optimisation overclocking utility. It is a one click OC which will balance everything for you. I don't know how experienced you are at overclocking, but you could be running an insane voltage. That would explain the temps.

I already replaced the thermal paste with aproximately a grain of rice if not less. I'll try the overclocking utility though. Thanks for the advice.


It is really good. It will optimise your chassis fans, make your system more power efficient amongst other things. Just install the ASUS AI Suite III, it is on the disk that comes with your motherboard. Click the big "4way optimisation" button found inside that utility, and it will give you a necessary overclock. Nothing more, nothing less. Balanced with your system uses. Takes the hard work out of overclocking.