$9 raspberry pi like computer? but better?


This is awesome. Im going to get a few.

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Tread carefully, kickstarter ahead.

yeah.... i hope this is real... though it looks legit

What's a liitle odd (in my opinion) is that they are using an R series ARM chip. Their primary use is for Real-time embedded systems, not for running a typical OS.

Yes, that is what is most likely enabling their great (claimed) battery life however the performance aspect is unlikely to match what they are saying. (Considering what the Pi 2 specs are and how it still visibly chugs at times).

Additional to this, it really isn't $9 as most people will want a method to output a video display (either VGA or HDMI) which bumps the cost upto $19 and $24 respectively. (I know there's composite out, but I don't have any equipment that uses that standard anymore).

What I will say is that this is gloriously worded to mask the true cost of these units. As realistically, its not as cheap as they say.

I noticed this as well. If you just need it for headless purposes, or have a tv/monitor that accepts composite (my third monitor actually does, of course I bought it in 2007 lol), then 9 bucks may be all you need to spend. But if you want something that will rival a Pi in functionality, then you're going to have to spend a bit more.

It looks like a nice little board, but I'll remain skeptical until I see it in the real world.

The main reason that i like it is its size and price. once i get it ill setup ssh over bluetooth and just remotely manage it. the really good battery life helps out too.