8th Gen Mobile or Wait For Raven Ridge?

I’m thinking about getting a Dell XPS 13 from costco with a black friday deal. I’ve been watching the laptop for a while and it is very appealing, especially with the costco deal which is 16GB of dual channel, 512GB NVMe, and a 3200x1800 touch IPS panel for $1300+tax. It has a 8th gen quad core, and after Raven Ridge has been announced, I’m having some hesitation. The thing is this deal runs from Nov. 17-27 and I think it is too good to pass up. Is it worth it to wait for Raven Ridge and when a XPS 13 with raven ridge is released?

Also, about this laptop, I have some questions with Fedora.

  1. The touchpad. I know that the touchpad is great under windows precision drivers, but is it as good under Linux?

  2. Wifi card. I would be buying the non-developer edition, so I believe that means I would be getting a Broadcom chip. Should I just replace it.

  3. DPI with Gnome. It is really as bad as everyone makes it seem? I can live with some items small.

  4. Dual booting. This isn’t really a concern, but I have a few questions. Is GRUB good to go with NVMe drives now? Also, is there an easy way to add an option in Gnome to restart into Windows?

  5. Touchscreen. Is it good for Linux and Gnome, and is there a way to hot-disable it easily?

  6. Is battery life similar to Windows 10 (especially with the near-4k res)? And I’ve heard something about a Linux battery saver mode, what is that?

Pull the trigger mate, XPS with raven ridge might be long ways off.

May not be that long.

Expecting a lot of laptops announced at CES, never know when products will ship though.

That is true, we will just have to see, not sure if pulling the trigger on 8th Gen Intel ULV is a good idea, if he is using his system for casual use, then it would be a good option still.