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8port gigabit network switch


I am looking at two dlink switches. I can’t find a significant difference between the two. Which one should I get?


I haven’t used either but looks like the main difference is the DGS-1100-08 is marketed as Managed Smart switch and has slightly more features:
-Loopback Prevention (incase someone stupidly creates a loop generally from pluging two ends of ethernet cable into a switch this will bring your network down from a broadcast storm)
-Support for VLANs
-Higher MTBF (mean time between failure)

The only thing going for the DGS-108 is it is slightly cheaper ($5)

They both seems to have identical 16 Gbps switching fabric. So should perform similarly. If it were me I would buy the DGS-1100 just because of the loopback detection in-case someone - parent, sibling, flatmate, or yourself (Drunk/having a moment) decides to fiddle with your switch. VLANs might come in handy. To be honest $5 is marginal and probably worth the features


For sure i will go for the managed one.