8gb of ram

I am looking for two sticks of 4gb of ram for a build that i am doing in a couple weeks and i need some ram that isnt to overly priced but just works.

thank you

we need a little more information on your system specs, many different types of ram out there.

Ram is cheap right now just get some corsair or ripjaw ram that is above 1333 mhz.

well i just picked up an old computer and so at the moment it has a intel cleron and i just ordered a gtx 650


do you have the mobo model or pc model on hand if its a pre built?

need to know what that board will support, would hate to have you order DDR3 if the board will only take DDR2 for example. Or have you order 8GB if it will only support 4GB.

yes it is the fell inspiron 537 the one with vista. i tried to figure out how much ram the motherboard could take but dell tech support wasnt any help

from what im seeing online at the moment for the unit, its looking like DDR2 and a max capacity of 4GB, im still double triple checking though so give me a little bit here

ok thank you so much! you are so much more helpful than dell tech support

Yeah sadly this seems to be the case, DDR2 and a cap at 4GB, has it been upgraded to 4GB yet from the 2 it initially came with?

it still has two but what motherboard would you recommend?

depends on what your budget is and what kind of goal you are looking at reaching, as in, what do you plan to use the system for?


PS - you don't need to know much to work for dell customer support lol...

my budget for a motherboard is like 50 bucks and my goal is to play games like war z minecraft and skyrim  

at the moment this computer lags on the screen saver! lol

you are going to have to save up some more money then that to meet your goals unfortunately. might want to look at selling some unwanted items around your house and etc.

how about a micro atx motherboard for 60 bucks i saw one that supported the celeron and has 32gb of ram supported?

micro builds are fine, and can be good, but do you want to settle for just getting by? If you buy something to support the older hardware you have now, you are going to be looking at scrapping most off of it in the near future again for another upgrade, so IMHO I would save up a little bit of cash, not sure where your from exactly, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, so you have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, gifts from family etc etc, I wouldn't just settle for getting by if I was you, you will find yourself not happy.

ok then what is the price range for a mother board that will last?

Hello Roman_Fedoruk. I would recommend you to buy HD 7770. It's about same pricepoint and a better performance for money. Nvidia is good in high end but AMD is definetly better in low end side. Also, get atleast dual core pentium or i3. i3 is a good choice for games.

thank you Oscar but what motherboard should i get then?

Which one? The 1155 or the 1150 one? Also there might be good trades in ebay.