Just found a pretty low priced EVGA 8800GTS(384MB...)


Does this outperform the 9600GT? I couldn't find benchmarks between these two :|

Thanks for the info :P

Hmm, I honestly have no idea. I think they would be on par with each other. If it was the 768MB version, it would outperform. I'd just go for the one you're comfortable with.

At lower resolutions it probably would perform about the same maybe a little faster but at the high ones the 9600s extra memory and stream processors give it an edge

with some aftermarket cooling and a little overclocking you could easily outperform a 9600gt stock though.

the 8800gt beats the 640mb gts so i would think that a 9600gt would easily beat the 320.

Actually i just realized if its the KO version its factory overclocked to....560? 580?

I forget the core clock but its pretty large, I wouldnt recommend overclocking it much more than that for fear of your card dying

unless you have water cooling for it which i doubt you do because you're looking at a cheap video card


Either way it would be a good card and for the price its unbeatable, I say get it if thats your price range.

then again you can get an evga 9600 for like 110 bucks plus shipping here


or a PNY 8800 GT


not bad either way...

they both are about the same but the 9600 gt will be better because it runs cooler newer processor so that means that beter drivers are coming out and also it has agivea physics technology and pci 2.0(when drivers mature for pci 2.0 it will be fast has ass)

9600 GT also consider the 9800 GT its only 109 dollars + call of duty for free

found a review of the GTS for u


the 9600 GT reviews should be easy to find.

Try to save a bit more for like a 9800GTX. or a 9800GT cause those have physicals n is more future proof. Also remeber that the GTS is REFREBUISHED

u want the alpha dog one if u get the 8800gts if i remember right the other two arnt that good... i think its the 512mb version if im right ?