lol i dont think a cpu cooler will ever cover up ur pci e slot. If it is then u've got a problem. Since the 8800 GT dosent have a heatsink on the back of it then all u can see is the pcb board which should be straightly alined with the pcie slot so unless the cpu heatsink covers up part of the slot then there isnt a problem

okay, thank you. ^^


I'm going to get this one.

what card are you upgrading from?

i'm upgrading from a diamond HD3650

i'm not going to play crysis.

I'm going to play L4D, PURE, GRID, COD4, Mercenaries 2, ALOT of Team Fortress 2, and all kinds of junk.

all at 1280 by 1024. no anti-aliasing.

well fuck dude, at that resolution you dont need anything more powerful than an 8800gt, you'll be fine!

sweeeet. xD