8800 GTS as a physx graphics card?

My friend just got a new GPU andn gave me his old 8800 GTS because his new one is AMD and so he just gave it to me. Would this make a physx card next to my GTX 670, and yes i know it's an old card, oh well. I've never really studied physx so i don't know recommend stats for it. Thanks for any and all answers!

yes it will work as a physx card, I don't really know if it would help or not but the more the merrier, you could have it doing [email protected] to help cure diseases, we really need to start that back up

umm if you use it for physx it will definately slow down your framerates in games that use physx

If it slows it down, then would it help to run SLI with the GTX 670 and 8800 GTS?

No, just throw out the 8800GTS altogether. It's going to slow down your framerates if you use it as physX beside a more modern card. A single GTX 670 will be able to run PhysX much faster on its own while still rendering all the gaming graphics simultaneously. Adding the 8800GTS is just adding a bottleneck to your system. Sell it, throw it in the trash, or hang it on your wall; it's a relic.

they're 2 different cards. you cant SLI

Lol, I thought he meant SLI two 670's and run the 8800GTS as physX, but reading it again...

Yeah, you definitely can't SLI anything unless they're two or more of the same card.


Oh, haha sorry guys I'm a noob at SLI and physX

ARE YOU CRAZY! Those 8800GTS cards are getting rare. In a few years they will be sought after by collectors. Keep it!

lol. I'm using one 8800gts as a door stop and another as a coaster (thanks for the idea Logan) :P

"I'd buy it!"

Is what I want to say but I'll be hard pressed to find a place to stay in a week so thats out

Using the 8800 as a physx card would create a bottleneck and throttle your fps down hard....


Go and lodge under a bridge.

On second thoughts, it might be a bit damp.

I'm pretty sure collectors are already buying them for a lot of money. Last I heard the old 8800 ultras were going for quite a bit of money.

If you have it (8800GTS) , just tray and you will know for surely, but there is a big chance that it will just slow down fps, comparing it to single GTX 670 when physx is anable. 8800GTS have only 96 stream processors and that is wery small amaunt of stream processors, but if you have, for example GTX 460 that will help with physx :-)

Your 8800GTS is 640 MB or 320 MB or 512 MB version?

It's not a chance that he will lose FPS. He WILL lose FPS.


Sell the card or help out a friend the 8800gts 320/640MB are worth $30-40 and 512MB re like up to $50. lol