85vs15 Productivity to Gaming. Building a PC

So the dollar fucking jums like in House of Pain "Jump around" music video (I live in Russia)

Hello everybode, need some advice. I want to build a PC. Now, with prices if I am doing it, I am spending some for it to last at least 3 years. Been looking at a lot of stuff, watching, thinking, reading etc, but hell.. Intel's got their new stuff.. AMD soon to be released something awesome..
what am I doing with it?
A LOT, and I do mean A LOT of heavy as understanding of Russian mentality video rendering....
- Premiere PRO
- AfterEffects
- motion tracking
- SOME cinema4d
- SOME gaming once I get bored from lovin', and bears, and cold and vodka....

PS not going with XEON. Because.

So the build:

6700k or 5820k (thinking about this one, its has 6 cores) OR, budget thing - 8350
x99 or z79 (I think) OR 990FX
DDR 32gb. No more, no less. (less - not as much of a good deal, and 64 - 2expensive)
ONLY R9 290X or R9 390/X (whats the difference between X and nonX?) Going only with AMD since CL support in AE and PP.
Segate 2Tb 7200rpm 64mb cash|WD black 1TB. (IF, I get to save some money. Id pick a OCZ trion100 960GB as only drive. well, maybe a TB just for the sake of it.) I dont store terabytes of data, and my 4 year old 640gb laptop is only filled for about 400-430gbsbtw.. sooooo dont need a guzillion of petabytes of stuff...
btw, whats the difference between that and Vector180 besides almost a hundred euros?
PS - Corsair, 750watt.... OR, something from Xigmatek...
do Corsairs divide somehow by letters or numbers??? I mean differentiate in awesomeness and premiumness and general goodness...
Sorry for mistakes... not a native speaker :|

Basically these I think are best I can build.... So if anything totally stupid, let me know please, Appreciate all daaa help!) Btw, Merry X-mas and Happy New year everyone!))

Wait how are you not using tons of storage doing lots of video editing and stuff

if you can afford the 5820k that's going to be your best bet, otherwise an overclocked AMD 8 core CPU is still reasonably solid for editing/rendering for less

you're probably going to want a 390 non X, the X just means it's faster basically and with added cores, if the 290 is a lot cheaper than the 390 get that instead

and that's about it, maybe get an SSD for faster access times

quick reply, THANKS!!!))
Well, I throw stuff on, do it, MAYBE get on second project, so I never have more than 3 projects at once, even then, 2 is at the top.. so after I am done, i remove all the date that is non needed any more.. Like I said, Ill grab a TB SSD and maybe throw in a TB or basically good deal on a 7200rpm HDD...

I know that AMD is great for money.... but I also know that "throw in some money and team blue with eat everything you throw at it much faster" If I had the money, Id get the latest and greatest 8 core 5960x I think..

As for GPU cores.. I need those like CUDA cores but CL cores I gues ahhahahah

It's probably a good idea to have an archive drive for your work so you have a back up of things

and I believe GPU acceleration in video editing depends mostly on the codecs you're using, some codecs can't use the GPU at all, but generally as far as gaming goes AMD's GPUs are the thing to get for the mid range right now

GPU's can offer great boost in editing especially when doing 4k and such. 980ti though pricy can boost premiere productivity via gpu acceleration a great deal and make your effect layers and timeline playback a breeze...

Pretty old video, but open CL is supported pretty well now I think, probably still isn't as optimized for CUDA though, plus AMD has that CUDA conversion thing coming this month or something


Could always go with a workstation GPU instead, hell you could get both if you went with AMD cards, firepro for productivity, and like a 390 for gaming

Various Benchmarks for GPU acceleration, though it's with the highest end GPUs and OpenCL only I think



and some marketing video for firepros and premiere

For what you're doing more cores = more better
12 threads X99 is the way to go with ddr4.

R9 390 should be plenty. If you can get a 390x for the same price go for it.
As for SSD I think 850 EVO is like the cheese for price/performance. Could get a 250gb and 2TB seagate for storage.

For those kind of workloads i would suggest to go with X99 5820K.
The 5820K will be a great workhorse for those kind of workloads.

As far as the GPU goes, If you want to utilize gpu acceleration in adobe premiere, its better to buy a Nvidia card.
As far as i know, Cuda still works better in adobe premiere then open cl.
If you could afford a GTX980Ti that would ofc be nice, if not, then a GTX980 would also be a good choice.

nooooo, CUDA is great, but OCL is greater. I mean everybody says that. My main factor is the fact that I can get AMAZING card from red for a lot less than what green is asking for

AMD vs NVidia
390x vs 980ti
8Gb -- 6gb
512bit - 385
OCL - CUDA (OCL is much faster actually)
affordable - stupidly priced

Nope, Cuda render engine is still better then open CL, in adobe premiere.
Open CL works pretty well in Sony Vegas, but wenn it comes to Adobe premiere, Cuda is still better.
Of course open CL also works in adobe premiere now days, "but as far as i know" its not as good.

Also a 390X is not realy worth looking at, because the R9-390 is allot cheaper,
and the performance diffrence between those cards is not realy that big.
In terms of gaming a 390 would be realy a good choice.