850€ Gaming PC

Is this a good combination?


CPU:         AMD FX-8320                             125€

Cooler:     Bequiet shadow rock 2                  35€

Mobo:       ASUS M5A99FX Pro 2.0              115€    Is it good enough for overclocking?

GPU:        AMD R9 280x                               240€    will be bought later or changed out with maxwell

Ram:        Crucial Blasitics 8GB                     60€

HDD:        Seagate 7200.14 2TB                   70€

SSD:        SanDisk  128GB                            65€     840 evo costs 15€ more which doesnt seems worth for me

PSU:        Thermaltake Smart SE 530W        45€      Flat cables, Modular , Not 80+ certifiet because it is 240v only

Case:      Fractal Design Define r4                85€     

don't ever buy a PSU that isn't 80+ certified, you might end up destroying your PC with it... also, if you want to overclock, get a 600W psu, and you will thank me later, otherwise, that build looks quite nice :)

looked it up should be fine when there value series is 80+ and the other modular series is 80+ bronze 

thats why the psu seems fine


so you can make your self a better picture

um. that is a 80+ bronze certified psu o.O but still, if you are overclocking ,i would recommend a 600W psu, just to make shuer you have the power needed :)

if you look on the box you can see that its not an 80+ psu mindfactory says its an 80+ certifacate

it has a kinda certifcate that says 87% 

edit: a psu calculator recommends 430w thats why it seems fine for me

but you are gona overclock, so  it would just be a safer bet to get a 600W psu


i chose a 630w thermaltake psu

That should be good for you, That will be a sweet system you are getting and will last you many years :) and if you are running out of gaming performance in the future, just slap another 280X and you will be good to go for a few more years :)