$850 Build - Gaming & Productivity

Hello everybody! 


I want to build a PC that is at MAXIMUM (I can't be more clear with that number) $850. I already have monitors, OS, keyboard, and a mouse. I am a Computer Science student so I do programming and enjoy playing video games. I do some Adobe product work as well, so if the parts list could be tailored towards those software products it would be appreciated, but absolutely not necessary. I don't care if we go AMD, Intel, Nvidia, don't give a shit. As long as I'm getting the bang for my buck I'm thrilled! Thanks ahead of time to anybody that is willing to help me out with this! I really appreciate it!


- Zachary

Adobe product

Please define, Adobe has a lot of desktop applications that can run on any build. But if you're looking into AE or PP then it'll change the recommendations for CPU and GPU.

This is what i would build:


for 850 dollar you can´t get more performance. 

Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator 

+1, although I don't know if that power supply is any good or not.

I' ve read a test about the 400 watt model and it did very well.So i think the 500 w version will be fine too.